It's almost Left, Right and You time!

It's almost Left, Right and You time!

So here’s the voice promo:

jeff and larryToday, Larry and I will be talking about:

  • Has brand new Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer already reneged on his promise to not seek vengeance on his former opponents? He’s making an awful lot of changes for someone who promised there wouldn’t  be any changes in his first 30 days!
  • Does a failed Elgin City Council petition challenge clearly prove that some conservatives have no interest in less government? I think it does, but I’m also heartened with one conservative group’s response.
  • An Elgin mayoral hopeful’s responses to a series of basic Daily Herald questions is a perfect primer on exactly how not to do it! Larry and I will discuss why it’s so important for a novice candidate to come up with a clear message!

That’s Left, Right and You at 3 p.m. this and every Thursday on WRMN AM1410 with yours truly and the Smiling Conservative, Larry Jones. Please join us for the kind of insights you just won’t get anywhere else. We promise you won’t be sorry!

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