It's a Festivus miracle!

After enlightening each and every Geneva city councilman, the city attorney, the communications manager, the city manager, and the assistant city manager as to the legality of banning citizen comments from publicly funded social media sites, they have relented!
My capacity to share my vast wisdom with those masses has, once again, been restored. Now we’ll see how long my comments last.
As I like to say! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Jeff, did you put those pics on somewhere? I haven’t been able to find anything from you. But in the Reviews section there’s someone named Eric Herrington blasting (I assume) you. My guess is he’s responding to one of your earlier comments that the city took down. Always amusing when a blog takes down a comment, but not others that are responding to it.

    1. Jeff, I couldn’t – and nobody can now. If you read today’s blog post, the City removed the capacity to post to their facebook page for everyone. You can comment on existing city originated posts, but that’s it!

  2. Got it. Glad I don’t live in Geneva. But after all, what business does the public have giving their thoughts to the city government? I mean, it’s not like it’s an official part of the city, with the city seal on it or anything. It’s not like there’s a constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech or anything, is there?
    BTW, who runs the city of Geneva? Art Fern?

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