It certainly was a fast paced show today!

Not only did State Rep Mike Tryon call in to Left, Right and You to talk property taxes, but so did a host of other candidates:

  • Craig Dresang – two-year Elgin City Council candidate
  • Rosemarie Kahn – four year Elgin City Council candidate
  • Rob Sauceda – South Elgin Village Trustee candidate
  • Frank Napolitano – U46 School Board candidate

Thanks to all of them for calling in. And you know what’s happening right now! They’re getting the Left, Right and You bump!
If you missed the show, not to worry, simply click here Left, Right and You 3-28-13 and prepare to be enlightened!

3 thoughts on “It certainly was a fast paced show today!

  1. Mike Tryon is calling in because he will try to take the Senate seat when Karen McConnaughay leaves. He has never bothered with Kane County before. This “arrangement” was made some time ago and he needs exposure on the north end of the county. Why don’t you ask him?

  2. We all know that Anon- that’s why he helped her in McHenry. The issue is she has to be asked to be lieutenant govorner first which would be a death sentence for anyone who chooses her as a running mate. I don’t see it happening even with her new found “conservatism”.

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