Is Keith Farnham getting special treatment?

Is Keith Farnham getting special treatment?

That’s the question that seems to be hitting my inbox more than any other the last few days.  farnham2
Again, it behooves us to remember that every last American citizen innocent until proven guilty, but given the horrific nature of those online conversation transcripts, even I was surprised to learn the former 43rd District State Rep was given the leeway to turn himself in.
But after speaking with a number of defense attorneys, they unanimously assured me that, if the prosecutor and judge determine the accused is not likely to flee and he poses no threat to himself or others, then, under the auspices of an attorney, this kind of arrangement is not unusual. And it’s especially true when you’re talking about a higher profile suspect.
While we could certainly debate the merit of just how one might determine who is or isn’t a threat, but thankfully that latitude falls solely under the purview of the folks charged with seeking justice in our name.
And it’s a moot point anyway because Farnham turned himself in just as his attorney promised.
That said, considering the gravity of a child porn charge, I was equally surprised by the low $4,500 bond and the home confinement consideration. In addition to those caveats, Farnham can have no contact with minors and he must avoid all computers.
Again, the bail is directly related to the potential for flight and, though I can’t confirm this, I’d be willing to bet his health issues have something to do with the lack of incarceration. I know, I know – anyone can carry around a portable oxygen tank, but if you really look at those Daily Herald photos of Farnham entering the federal court building, it would appear that the bladder cancer has taken it’s toll.
Now, I’m sure some folks sincerely believe that putting a sick and alleged self-admitted child molester in with general prison population would bring the swiftest form of justice, but that’s not how this country rolls.
Please understand that, at least in this case, I’m not making any kind of judgment on the judge’s or prosecutor’s decision making process. All I’m saying is, given the questions that have come my way, I’m simply trying to fill in the blanks.

3 thoughts on “Is Keith Farnham getting special treatment?

  1. WOW! Farnham sure looks a lot older than in his campaign photos! Like death warmed over!
    How about some “Truth in Advertising” in everyone’s future campaign photos?

  2. Joke. Reminds me of the Mafia Don who, after getting indicted, started walking around town and showing up in court in his pajama’s in an effort to claim diminished capacity. And all the time he was still running the show. $4500 bond for saying that a 12yo is too old, and he favors kids under 8yo? But let’s show mercy because he has an oxygen tank? Mr. Farnham is destined for the newly-opened 10th circle of hell, reserved for pedophiles, their defense attorneys, obtuse judges and people using self-checkout lanes at Jewel with a cart full of groceries.

  3. is it true that at a legislative breakfast recently Rep. Farnham stated that his wife had alzheimers and was in a facility? If this is true, how then does his wife become his guardian??

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