I'm famous baby, like Monty Rock the third! (and why Kane County Democrats are worse than the Republicans)

I'm famous baby, like Monty Rock the third! (and why Kane County Democrats are worse than the Republicans)

The post title quotes, Nicholas Tremulis, one of my very favorite musicians.
But, I have to tell you, the Daily Herald’s nefarious plot to send me directly into cardiac arrest as I perused the local news at 5:30 a.m. this morning damn near succeeded. Because not only did they mention my name in an article that didn’t refer back to my colorful county clerk career, but they quoted me twice and provided a link to the blog post in question.
And thus the reason for my sudden fame! To quote them quoting me:

Kane County blogger Jeff Ward wrote on Sunday a post titled “Why I still believe Elgin needs a Hispanic councilman” that was shared on Facebook among Elgin residents.

“Democracy functions best when everyone participates,” Ward writes, later adding, “Since only a Hispanic citizen can truly understand what it means to be Hispanic in Elgin, only they can accurately represent that experience.”

To tell ya the truth, I’m kinda wondering what the catch is, but since one good turn deserves another, you can read Ms. Ferrarin’s piece right here.The general theme there is whether that impending Elgin City Council appointment should go to an Hispanic.
You’re already aware of my ruminations on that matter.
But as the Elgin City Council gets ready to cull the list of contenders later this evening, my esteemed former LR&Y radio co-host, Allen Skillicorn, wryly noted that it was actually Frank Imhoff and the local Democrats who once threw a Republican Latina (Ariana Flores) off that Elgin ballot.
And while there’s certainly a massive irony there, the implicit assumption on the part of many folks is that, because I tend to take the ruling GOP to task more often, I somehow favor Kane County Democrats. Rest assured, nothing could be further from the truth.
Though some of my best friends are democrats, the only thing worse than a Kane County Republican is a Kane County Democrat. For example, while the GOP just loves their little spats, you can’t put an Elgin and Aurora Democrat in the same room without the risk of of a spontaneous thermonuclear detonation.  tremulis
And, on far too many occasions, the candidates the Democratics come up with are four beers short of a twelve-pack. C’mon! Mike Noland, Bill Sarto, and Bill Foster? If it wasn’t for Sheriff Pat Perez bending the curve upward, I’d shudder to think what their collective IQ might be.
At least the Republicans had the good sense to put Tom Hartwell and Allen Skillicorn in their leadership roles. This means that those shifting demographics that tend to favor Democrats won’t be nearly enough to offset the fact that they have a long way to go to reach mediocre.
Please note that I’m also no fan of petition challenges, by either party, either because it’s just a way of eliminating rivals on a technicality and Ms. Flores’ Republican-ness proves one of my previous points.
So, with that issue resolved, and my thanks to the Daily Herald for spelling my name right, we’ll let the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra play us out of this post:  https://myspace.com/nicholastremulisorchestra/music/song/you-re-famous-baby-92335075-102429356

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