If it's Thursday…

If it's Thursday…

Then it must be time for Left, Right and You! Today, on WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. my capable, but misguided co-host Allen Skillicorn and I will discuss:  racist-media-left-right-and-you-radio

  • The Trayvon Martin shooting and how that whole scenario was racially motivated.
  • Legal expert Jeff Meyer will call in to explain Illinois’ stand your ground law.
  • Are we so fragile that our world can be turned upside down by the cover of the Rolling Stone?
  • And Yes! Anthony Wiener is back! But for how long?

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2 thoughts on “If it's Thursday…

  1. Thank you for allowing me to comment on air. George Zimmerman was told by the police to let them handle the situation. Instead, he got out of his car, armed, and went after Trayvon Martin, who was not doing anything wrong or illegal. It’s first degree murder.
    I don’t care if Martin was black or white. I don’t care if he was not the most upstanding citizen in his behavior. We have police officers, lawyers judges and laws to dispense with ANY suspicions that George Zimmerman had that night, and he ignored the whole system of justice and law and murdered an innocent man.
    Was there racism as a motive? I don’t know. Was there legitimate fears of local residents of black people because of crimes being committed against them? I don’t know. Those are issues for professional police officers, community leaders, clergy, and the justice system.
    What Zimmerman did was to step outside the law and enforce the doctrine of collective guilt, with disproportionate force and murder. I hope the community takes their responsibility to take the law back from hands of vigilantes and put it back where it belongs, under laws, and professional law enforcement officers.
    That community has a shameful stain on their reputation. They have become a lynch mob.

  2. And Chicago has what? professional police officers, community leaders, clergy and justice system and how many dead youth? That is the real problem. Failure of the family structure and a failure all the other professional groups. Zimmerman made a wrong choice (following) and Martin made a wrong choice (jumping Zimmerman).

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