I hope you joined us for today's Left, Right and You…

I hope you joined us for today's Left, Right and You…

…but if you didn’t, prepare to be enlightened 

Don Kramer
Don Kramer

A tip of our hat to Kane County Sheriff candidate Don Kramer for calling in and adroitly fielding some questions that the newspapers just aren’t asking. The sheriff’s race is going to be a tight one folks.
Another thank you to Kane County Director of Elections Suzanne Fahnestock for calling in and making us aware of some nearby early voting locations. Visit www.kanecountyelections.org to find the early voting location near you.
And I hope you’re sitting down because not only did I compliment tea partier and conservative Rand Paul, but I actually defended State Senator Jim Oberweis as well. That’s the difference between the left and the right! We lefties (and fiscal conservatives) are willing to see the occasional merit of the other side’s argument.
Enjoy the show!

One thought on “I hope you joined us for today's Left, Right and You…

  1. I enjoyed the show, and look forward to the next one. Also, great to hear you will be doing a special Election night show. Are you going on-location, or be in studio. I may have to stop by (or at least call-in) and weigh in with my own analysis of the election returns.
    I agree, it has been “quiet” in the Kane County races. Don’t you wish you cover McHenry County, where the McHenry County State’s Attorney filed a Federal lawsuit (as a private citizen) against a blog screen name for libel, and just revealed he’s using his own, personal resources to track down the blog commenter (and no, I’m not the one being sued)?
    Let’s see how the remaining 9 days goes here in Kane County.

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