I haven't heard this much whining since…well…never!

I haven't heard this much whining since…well…never!

It’s true! On occasion, I will fall prey to a middle school mentality and some things that shouldn’t amuse me actually do. County Board member Mike Donahue for example!
But when it comes time to face the music, take a dose of my own medicine, or simply own up to one of my many shortcomings, at least I make an effort to do so without cursing the unjust fates for having the nerve to single me out. It’s important to understand the concept of Karma.
Though I have the power to remove them, as long as a blog comment doesn’t overuse the F-bomb, no matter how disparaging it may be, it stays up! But sadly, having the maturity to employ a modicum of grace under fire is rapidly becoming a lost art.
And even though I’ll surely slip from time to time, what I cannot fathom are folks like Elgin Township Clerk Laura Wallett who imbue their every waking moment with the comportment and emotional maturity of a six year-old. And while we’re at it, let’s add Ken Shepro and Ellen Nottke to that same sordid list.
It’s utterly baffling. Don’t we all have to grow up at some point?

Laura Wallett
Laura Wallett

Though I’ve removed myself from her facebook blather, someone showed me one of Wallett’s latest posts in which she basically congratulated her now-on-the-outside Kane County Republican ilk for standing up to a bully like Chairman Chris Lauzen.
Of course, she’s referring to the recent Executive Committee fracas which we covered here. Apparently, the fact that Lauzen asked non-executive committee members to sign up to speak and limit their comments to three minutes puts Kane County on a par with North Korea.
I’ll start worrying when they explode a nuclear device under Building A.
First, it’s a privilege to be on the Executive Committee and not a right. It’s a privilege to speak at Executive Committee meetings and not a right! And the reason it’s not a right is, to shut up one board member, Wallett’s former county board lackeys instituted a rule that forbade board members from from speaking at committee meetings in which they weren’t a member of that committee.
Look! I’m done with Karen McConnaughay. She’s out of Kane County and, despite any delusions of hitching herself to Kirk Dillard’s star, she’s gone as far as she’ll ever go. But I sat through dozens of board meetings where, with one simple glance, she would set the jackals (Hurlbut, Wyatt, Jones and Fahy) upon hapless dissident board members like starving hyenas upon a wounded wildebeest. And it wasn’t pretty either.
So when Wallett and her petty ilk have the nerve to complain about Lauzen, it’s the height of hypocrisy. Yes, the Chairman has his moments, but his worst days are nuthin’ compared to the kind of bullshit that went on in the Kane County boardroom from 2004 to 2012. That was the stuff of legend, my friends.
To Wallett, Shepro, Nottke and all their slimy little sycophants, I say this. Your time is up! You had your chance, you blew it, and now you’re done! You’re already out of politics, you just don’t know it yet.
Even if you managed to get your bizarre acts together, while you insist upon eternal shrieking and whining, Kane County is turning more and more Democratic with every breath. And your persistent toddler temper tantrums borne of a self-absorbed self-interest, will only serve to weaken the KC GOP to the point where its almost inevitable demise will come with the weakest of whimpers.
Grow up!

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  1. Laura Wallett earned nothing. When the voters rejected her as their choice for County Clerk she was assisted by those more influential into her current position.
    Kane County government is daving money just by not having Ken Shepro there. And the rest of the new critics consist of every candidate that lost or those associating with them.

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