How to lose credibility in three easy steps

How to lose credibility in three easy steps

Run for three separate political offices at the same time! In the ultimate case of political indecision, that’s exactly what Geneva Planning Commission Chairman Jay Moffatt just did. moffatt
Apparently adhering to the shotgun method of getting elected, not only is Moffatt running for the D304 school board, he’s going for the Geneva Park and Geneva Library boards too. Never mind that state’s attorney sanctioned conflicts will prevent him from holding more than one or two of ’em, considering the likely voter backlash, he’ll probably go 0 for 3.
To make matters even worse, when the press caught up with his interesting electoral antics (sometimes the media is a good thing), he refused to respond to their overtures. And let me tell ya, it doesn’t help your case when you choose not to explain your suicidal and bizarre political behavior because then you leave it up to the press.
And, trust me, that never turns out good.
Goodbye Jay! At least you made your too-brief political career relatively fascinating.

2 thoughts on “How to lose credibility in three easy steps

  1. I know this is unrelated, but what is on the docket for today’s Red, White and You broadcast??
    Please, make it interesting and LOCAL! I enjoy Jeff Ward and Allen Skillicorn very much, but your broadcasts tend to focus too much on national politics/tragedies, though I believe devoting the full hour to Sandy Hook tragedy 2 weeks ago was appropriate.
    That said, make today focus on several recent local issues, like the Kane County Board’s new organization under Chairman Lauzen, the Elgin City Council race for the 2-year seat with a primary on February 26th, or the local controversy about Chris Lauzen’s decision to serve-out his senate term while serving as county board chairman.
    I really like your show, but please, your show is not the place to discuss the firing of Bears Coach Lovie Smith (I can hear that on WSCR).

  2. Oncoming,
    We love your feedback and you’re generally on the right track, but we have a couple of problems:
    1. It’s really quiet this time of the local political year and some of your suggestions – county board appointments for example – are a bit too insider baseball for most of our listeners.
    2. The show goes out to more than just Kane County and we want to appeal to those listeners too.
    While the Lauzen thing certainly is reasonable, we’ve already covered all the folks running for Elgin City Council and there isn’t any new news there yet. But that one is definitely on our radar.

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