Geneva! Where electricity goes to die!

Don’t move to Geneva!

Not only are our property taxes utterly absurd, but you’d think that they could keep the power on through a simple two-minute thunderstorm, but they can’t. And this has been going on for the better part of a decade.

And thanks to Mayor Kevin Burns, who’s capacity to make bad decisions is unsurpassed, he signed on to Prairie State Energy so we’re paying exorbitant electrical rates to have our power go out on a regular basis.


It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the power just went out. But no! It has go off and on three separate times, so it can destroy or shorten the life of as many of your electrical devices as possible.

Last year, just around the 4th, we had a power outage during a mild storm, and then five more failure in the next two cool weeks with no precipitating storm.

All I can say is, if you happen to be driving through Geneva, and there’s one scant cloud in the sky, please don’t look cross-eyed at the power lines. I’d like to watch the end of the Cubs game.

2 thoughts on “Geneva! Where electricity goes to die!

  1. Jeffery, Jeffery. I am new to this Blog but I get the feeling you are Mr Negativity. First of all it is extremely hot and no doubt the horrid capitalist at the electric companies have summer rates screwing the proletariat. Our good hearted mayor has thwarted them. He knew if it got really cloudy electric out thus saving his constituents money. What a guy. And then there is the safety factor. Mr Wise Guy exactly how many Genevians have been electrocuted when the power is out? Here is a clue. 0. I am putting in for a Red Cross life saver medal for the mayor Meanwhile you look at a glass half empty. Please no more Debbie Downer

  2. Jim,

    First, PLEASE! Though I rarely use my full name, it’s “Jeffrey.” “Jeffery” is such a rare spelling that I’ve never met any Jeff with that variation.

    But the rest of your comment did make me laugh!

    Perhaps I was a little more POed by the fact that I missed a chunk of a really fun wind-blowing-out Cubs – Twins game. Though, to be fair, missing Mr. Maple’s performance probably was a good thing! (How’s that for looking on the bright side!)

    And second, the very same thing started last year around the 4th and we had something like 10 power outages in two weeks. (I’ll have to look up the text I sent to Alderman Radecki to be sure of that number.)

    It’s also common for the Geneva power to go out before the first thunderclap or raindrop falls. And when you consider the west side’s lines are all underground, I don’t get it.

    But I do think the title is over-the-top and I will change it. Thanks for making me laugh!


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