Et tu, teachers?

Et tu, teachers?

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. ― Harlan Ellison

It would seem my entire journalistic career has been relegated to writing about stupid people. What’s truly terrifying about that sad prospect is, there seems to be no limit to the number of available topics. I suppose I can always take some solace in the fact that, unlike Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain, I haven’t descended to the level of holding a press conferences about a dog.

Small victories, right?

But the worst thing about this impending piece is, not only did I previously hold teachers in the highest esteem, but I regularly defended them in print. But now, despite my wife currently toiling as a middle school math teacher, I have very little respect for the entire profession.

And that precipitous decline started with their generally chickenshit remote learning response to COVID-19. If there was ever any self-professed erudite group who should’ve put the science and evidence first, it should have been educators. But no! Instead of correctly assessing the plague risk, they bitched, whined, moaned, and threatened all manner of strikes until they got their way.

Talk about proving it really ain’t “all about the kids!” As long as they got to teach from home they couldn’t give a flying fuck about the disastrous learning and socio-emotional deficits they thrust upon their unsuspecting charges.

Were it not for the Illinois State Board of Education’s in-person learning mandate, they’d still be holding virtual class half-dressed on their bedroom laptops.

But just when I thought my perception of teachers had hit rock bottom, some St. Charles (D303) and Geneva (D304) teachers insisted upon going out of their way to prove me wrong! You see, four of ‘em asked for an injunction preventing their respective districts from enforcing Governor Pritzker’s vaccine or weekly testing mandate for all Illinois teachers.

To be fair, it was actually two D303 teachers and a D304 bus driver and administrative assistant who filed the suit, but insiders tell me there are a plurality of educators in both districts who refuse to get vaccinated.


An amazing 182 million American have been fully poked with virtually no major side effects and they still think it’s unsafe? And if that wasn’t encouragement enough, how about the CDC’s recent finding that a fully vaccinated individual has a scant 0.004 percent chance (1 in 25,000) of contracting a breakthrough COVID case that puts them in the hospital? Meanwhile, the unvaccinated idiots are monopolizing ICUs.

So, what’s the downside?

To that end, I recently polled my more conservative friends about whether they’d been vaccinated, and without exception, every last one of them said, “Of course I have because the vaccines work!”

Our children receive all manner of inoculations and most teachers get an annual flu shot, but this is where they draw a line in the sand? And if TEACHERS, some of whom are regularly exposed to students too young to get the shot, insist on being willfully ignorant, what hope is there for the rest of us?

All I can say is, I’m glad my sons aren’t in school anymore.

The only thing worse than that unbridled level of abject stupidity is this potential injunction is just another perfect example of the prevailing “it’s always all about me” phenomenon. How quickly have we forgotten the Greatest Generation’s example of coming together for a greater good!

The sooner we’re vaccinated, the sooner this plague, and any potential variants will be put to rest. But no! Because you’re so special, you’re the one who will suffer some yet unreported serious side effect. You’re the one the government targeted to inject with nanochips. You’re the one who’s gonna make a point of dying of a disease just to prove an absurd point.

I’ll say it again! I never thought I’d see this day.

Though it’s not unreasonable in the COVID case, I realize I’m painting educators with a rather broad brush. But that means the smart and sane ones who believe in science and medical evidence need to call out their peers who do not. Because to fail to do so makes you complicit with this stupidity which is an even more despicable form of chickenshit stupidity.

My theory? If you don’t want to abide by the Illinois vaccination mandate there’s a simple solution – don’t work for a school district. Problem solved! And if any teacher or district staffer continues to refuse the vaccine and refuses to quit, the I would encourage all the local districts to fire their sorry stupid asses.

As previously noted, I’ve defended teachers for more than a decade (even before my wife became one) because they’ve certainly been unfairly targeted and maligned. But now, if they want to fully understand why they’re the target of so much anger and derision I would encourage them to take a long look into their bathroom mirror.


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