Elgin city council endorsements

Considering that Elgin early voting sites are drawing the biggest numbers, the race for these five seats has to be the hottest one in Kane County. So let’s get started!
Two year seat – Toby Shaw
Finally, a no brainer! Though you have to give Craig Dresang kudos for running and surviving a primary field of nine, he’s infected with what I like to call the “municipal mindset.”  It’s a disease where a city council or school board thinks they’re entitled to your money and is evidenced by statements like claiming they’re losing sales tax to the Internet when no one is entitled to any tax revenue in the first place.
Though the council isn’t doing a terrible job, the bottom line is taxes are up in a down economy.
Four year seats – Rich Dunne, John Prigge, Rosemarie Kahn and Carol Rauschenberger
Rich – Though he isn’t quite as fiscally conservative as I might like (he’s close) and I don’t approve of all his political friends, every city council needs someone who can build bridges to reasonably function. Mr. Dunne is that person.
John – As long as he can keep his “whatever it is I’m against it” tendencies in check, every city council needs a reasonable voice of dissent as well. In this case it’s John Prigge.
Rosemarie – Though it may not be enough to go on, I was very impressed with her call-in to Left, Right and You. I also agree with her the City Council is general doing a good job except for taxation theory. It’s easy to run on a platform of dissing everything the incumbents have ever done until you have to work with them.
Carol – Anyone that can put up with Steve… I kid! The truth is Ms. Rauschenberger’s general fiscal conservative and socially liberal stances fall right in line with my political tendencies. Her contention that a vibrant Elgin is dependent upon a strong U46 School District is dead on!
Now go out and vote!

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