ECC doesn’t need a diversity coordinator

ECC doesn’t need a diversity coordinator

The best evidence of that stipulation Elgin Community College President Dr. David Sam – a person of color – has been saying the same thing for the eight long years! And if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for me!

But beyond that abundantly ample evidence, whenever I think about the word “diversity,” a visual of that glorious ECC campus immediate pops into my head. My wife and I attend a variety of events there and you can’t miss the fact that their students represent a multitude of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

And the numbers prove it, too! The ECC student body is:

  • 47 percent Hispanic
  • 38 percent white
  • 6 percent Asian
  • 4 percent black
  • 4 percent mixed race
  • 1 percent Native American and Pacific islander

which clearly puts the Caucasian variety in the steep minority. Do the math, and you’ll discover that white students are outnumbered by their “minority” counterparts by almost two-to-one! Though the specific numbers aren’t published, the ECC administration and faculty aren’t too far behind, either.

So, with Dr. Sam’s accurate campus evaluation, what could possibly be the problem?

The problem is, whenever there isn’t a problem, the loony left has to create one to justify their absurd existence and somehow remain relevant. Since Trump is temporarily relegated to history’s dustbin, much like it was with Tailgunner Joe, they’re intent on finding a white supremacist under every rock in an effort to maintain their Cancel Culture power.

For reference purposes, when apply the term the “loony left,” I’m NOT referring to classic liberals like myself and my associates. Unlike the loonies, we acknowledge things may not be perfect, but the truth matters, nonetheless.

And if you’re silly enough to listen to those batshit crazy progressives, you’d think that the most virulent forms of racism are running rampant and white people are irredeemable to the point that being born Caucasian is the newest form of original sin.

Really? Today’s racism is worse than Jim Crow, the Tulsa race massacre, the Chicago race riots, the regular assassination of black leaders, and the systematic exclusion of minorities from the best jobs? And when you say stupid shit like that it minimizes the pain and struggle of those brave souls who had the cojones to stare the real thing down and turn the racist tide.

Really? You have it worse than Rosa Parks did?

And the perfect example of this dynamic is the loony leftist myth that’s grown out of the ECC Trustee Board meeting in which the new diversity coordinator hire was approved. Associate Professor of History and Political science, Antonio Ramirez – a man that would make Archie Bunker proud – wrote this on social media:

Yesterday a small group of people sought to block the appointment of ECC’s first Executive Director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. They raised objections at the last minute after a ten-person ECC hiring committee of administrators, faculty, and a student spent months interviewing and vetting candidates. Those in opposition argued the position was “CRT, Marxist ideology,” using lazy dog whistles in place of any legitimate critique or disagreement.

They failed.

Supporters of equity and diversity spoke for nearly an hour, educating the ECC Board and community at large on the urgency of racial justice, social justice, and equity at ECC and beyond.

Not a single person in opposition to the position was brave enough to show their face last night or deliver a live address to the Board. This is a victory for equity in our community.

It would seem that Professor Ramirez has been attending the Donald Trump school of malleable reality because nothing could be further from the truth – not that the truth matters much to the loony left.

As indicated by the 6 to 2 vote, the new hire was a foregone conclusion, and there was no effort to “derail” it, either. One board member, Jeff Meyer, asked the kind of questions that every trustee should ask when it comes to any $110,000 a year plus benefits hire.

As far as folks failing to show up out of fear, those who weren’t sure about the hire submitted their questions in advance – with their names attached. But when loony leftists like Ramirez got wind of one dissenting Board vote, they concocted a conspiracy theory whereby the super-secret campus KKK group was gonna burn a cross right there in the meeting room as the Proud Boys applauded.

So, just like the best of the rabid Trump supporters, Ramirez’ ready sycophants showed up to stave off something that wuz never gonna happen. But now he can claim credit for being the “wokest” guardian of truth, justice, and the American way.

And victory? Over what? The real victory is that ECC is so magnificently diverse such that it should serve as a model for so many other institutions.

One Hispanic ECC graduate told the Board that it’s “difficult being a student of color at ECC.” Really? I understand college level coursework can be a challenge for any student, but when 47 percent of your classmates look like you that statement is beyond disingenuous.

And if you truly find any Illinois community college to be “difficult,” then you might want to start practicing the phrase “do you want friends with that?” because you’re about to discover that the real world can be far more unforgiving. Though it’s rarely the case these days, college is supposed to prepare you for life, not shelter you from it.

While I completely agree with Meyer’s concern that the Diversity Coordinator position was “ill defined,” I disagree with his contention that they might promote ideologies like “collectivism and Marxism.”

The real issue with these hires is they’re almost always a solution in search of a problem, and that’s particularly true of Elgin Community College.

Regardless of whether it actually exists or not, diversity coordinators are implicitly incentivized to seek out and find racism to justify their six-figure salaries, so that’s exactly what they do. They also make the predominantly non-racist white staff hesitant to voice any opinion for fear of the smallest statement being construed as racist, which doesn’t help anyone or anything.

I’ve covered diversity hires in businesses, schools, and all manner of government entities, and all the evidence indicates they’re a vast waste of money at best, and a complete debacle at worst (see the City of Elgin diversity hire).

As far as Professor Ramirez goes, I’d advise him to reread his history books because he’s clearly doomed to repeat the worst of it if he doesn’t. I’d also encourage ECC students to avoid his classes if you want to succeed in the real world.

The bottom line is, Dr. Sams was right. ECC doesn’t need a diversity coordinator.


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