Character Test in Elgin Race – Who Passed, Who Failed

Character Test in Elgin Race – Who Passed, Who Failed

One of the most often-repeated commandments in my not-quite-bestselling book, So You Want to Win a Local Election is “politics ain’t a game for sissies.” And that’s particularly true of our smaller odd-year Illinois consolidated elections.

Even the lowliest local campaign requires serious effort, those time-consuming gigs rarely pay more than a pittance, you enjoy the rare privilege of knocking on doors during the worst winter months, and those eager candidates and their families have to endure some of the silliest rumors the opposition could possibly concoct.

For the most part, it’s your basic bovine manure, but every now and then a local campaign makes a typically contentions statewide race look like “it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.” Case in point, the Elgin Township Highway Commissioner primary contest between Democrats Jose Bosque and James “Jimmy” Shales is turning out to be one for the ages.

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