Can’t handle the school board? Resign!

Can’t handle the school board? Resign!

In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards. – Mark Twain

Yes! I’m the one who has regularly stipulated that “Threatening to vote someone off a school board is like threatening to stop beating them with a two-by-four.” And that certainly was the pre-pandemic sentiment.

But not anymore.

Our school board’s abject failure to heed the science, as well as the CDC, clearly indicates those generally well-meaning individuals simply aren’t up to the task. And if you can’t handle the job, then it’s time to submit your resignation in favor of someone who can.

The CTU ain’t comin’ back

Today’s Trib headline may have blared “CPS, Union Reach Tentative Deal,” but the reality is the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates has to determine whether to send it to the rank and file, and then they have to approve it. That little nugget was completely buried in the small print.

Put more simply, it ain’t gonna happen.

The column continues at the DOA website.

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