0 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner is bleepin' toast

  1. makes me want to put up more Rauner signs. Quinn has got to go, Rauner makes things happen and Illinois needs him now more than ever!
    Thought you show know how some subscribers react to your comments and posts.

    1. Steve, Two things! First, other than personal attacks on me, I love opposing viewpoints because it continues the conversation. If someone wants to tear me apart on their own blog – have at it!
      And second, please don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m for Pat Quinn because I’m not. I’m simply predicting an outcome.

  2. Steve, I’m with Jeff. I’d rather not vote for Quinn, but the Republicans shot themselves in the foot when they chose a nominee who didn’t have a real chance to win the general election. Rauner makes things happen — unfortunately too often they’re not good things. And his credibility is highly questionable when so many of the things he promises to do are beyond the power of the governor. Some because he’d need the legislature to back him (not going to happen), and some because they’re out and out unconstitutional. And some are just pipe dreams that I don’t think even he thinks will happen. It’ll be like Gingrich and his Contract With America. One of the major points they touted in the press, and which got them support, was the promise of term limits. Which after the election the Republicans didn’t even try to pass.

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