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  1. This case has been investigated 3 times. No further investigation is necessary. Elgin should show some courage and stand by their officers when they are cleared by proper procedures. This is cowardice by this chief.

    1. Without saying anything about this case in particular, I feel it’s necessary to point out that a police officer’s conduct may not be egregious enough to warrant criminal charges, but might still deserve some sort of professional, departmental censure. I don’t see how the chief’s attitude here is unreasonable, much less “cowardice.”

      1. The ISP investigation was VERY thorough as was the CCSAO investigation. You may choose not to accept the results. This police officer’s life is forever changed because a woman did something that brought them together for a horrible outcome. The officer acted within his legal authority per the investigation. She chose to create the chaos that led to this point. Yes, horrible, but at what point do we see her decision caused his reaction.

  2. The investigations you reference only looked into whether criminal charges against the officer were warranted. The EPD might (or might not) find that, despite the absence of criminal charges, some sort of departmental sanction is in order.

  3. The internal investigation has a deadline of 60 days. After the case was investigated for nearly a year by the state’s attorney’s office, I hardly think an extra two months is “dragging this on and on.” We are talking about a fatality, after all.

  4. The city council will decide what happens here. Any council member who tells you different is lying. The council has 2 out of the 5 needed informal votes to march into the city manager’s office and say, “Do what we tell you on this or you’re fired.”

    If Powell and Dixon CAN’T get three other council members to go with them, they’re neutered. Let’s also get serious here for a minute: The rank and file cops and anyone else who do not want to see a firing would be best advised to get involved in this April’s election.

  5. This is exactly why I never encouraged my children to go into LE. When you have comments about discipline after an investigation, that cleared the officer, that is unacceptable.

    That is ticky-tac BS going after someone when there were no charges because of the reckless actions of an individual that put someone else in danger.

    That officer needs to go back to work and be provided mental health at the cost of the City of Elgin.

    To go through a situation like that. Then dealing with a potential criminal investigation and the stress of that matter of investigations, who deserves that in his or her life? No one.

    That person that caused the situation that put those officers in danger is at fault. PERIOD.

    As I have stated previously, Communities give lots of lip service talking about backing their officers. BUT! When a difficult situation arrives, those leaders of those communities back away and offer little in the means of support. The City of Elgin’s board is no different. They have elected people that will not, nor do the right thing and make it a situation of race.

    If you love your children, don’t send them out to be police officers. They can go into the fire department with way less headaches and politics and possibly a better pension.

    1. Thanks to political pandering, there is always fault being pushed on the person who does the right thing.

      That officer did the right thing. He was attacked by a person with a knife and protected himself and his other officers at the scene. Good work officer!

  6. Yep, sorry someone had to be hurt but officers lives matter. Today another fellow officer down. We want to get hone too, is that so wrong. Speaking of getting home. Why does Boles and those on her behind insist on keeping and forcing their own officers on the street and unarmed. Trust me going up to any criminal’s home knocking on the door is equivalent to placing a 50-50 chance on your head. Hey Boles would you go knock on the door unarmed. Nope, you and the other judges are armed inside and out. You even ban your officers from keeping their own firearms on the premises. I feel bad for the officer who will set precedent when they walk to the car away from the armed security and realize their power in voice won’t stop a bullet. Knock on the door and get shot at least give them a fighting chance You all should be ashamed.

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