And I won't back down!

Never being one to take the road more traveled, today’s Patch column pressed the issue of purses being banned at Geneva High School.
Of course, failing to come up with any kind of rational response, my adoring female public continued to call me a misogynist and asserting that I must hate all women. My response would have to be that the truth is can be very hard to swallow.
As previously stated, women want gender equality in things like sports, the workplace, the military etc… – and I am all for that – but when that kind of equality is disadvantageous,  then their tune quickly changes.
When we first started going out, my wife demanded to pay her way on dates. I was impressed! But we all know the truth is, any woman can go into any bar and drink for free till she’s completely crocked. That old logic that, since women don’t work the guy has to pay, is as outmoded as the belief that women shouldn’t vote.
But even though the workplace has completely shifted, the vast majority of women still believe the guy should underwrite every date. And it’s the same thing with alimony (not child support).It works both way ladies! If you really want to convince me that you believe in gender equality then pay your own way.
Again, I’m not nearly accusing all women of using these tactics, but there are plenty of women (and to a far lesser degree, some men) who believe they can get by on their feminine wiles. I don’t think I could get out of a traffic ticket by crying.
My wife’s wonderful response to Monday’s Patch column was, “Yeah! If you’re stupid enough to let us get away with that stuff, then don’t blame us.” But as my favorite TV judge Marilyn Millian likes to say, “Just because some guy is willing to buy your love, that doesn’t mean you have to take him up on it.”
So if your gonna talk the talk, then let’s see you walk the walk.
But the nerve I think I really struck in those columns, if only unintentionally, is the unbearable thought that women are no better (or even a bit more devious) than men. In this Oprah driven “women good men bad” culture women are under the impression that the mere existence of specific body parts sets them apart and automatically makes them a better person.
And the fact that a man had the cohones to speak the truth drives them absolutely nuts (no pun intended).  Because they’ve managed to train their husbands to say nothing but, “yes dear,” they think the rest of us will simply fall in line. When they realize that some of us actually have a backbone,  just like Jesse Jackson plays the race care, they start shrieking, “You have contempt for all women.”
Ladies! Whether you like it or not, you’re no better than us and, I hate to tell you, but you’re going to have to live with that because, as Tom Petty once sang, “I won’t back down.”

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