A challenge to all my Republican friends

A challenge to all my Republican friends

Perhaps I should amend that to “all my moderate Republican friends” because there are far more of us than the wacky variety who currently dominate the political debate. Who needs those lunatics anyway?
So here goes! Tonight, 14th District Democratic Congressional nominee Dennis Anderson will be hosting a town hall meeting at Elburn’s Town and Country Library from 7 to 8:30 P.M.
Since I’m still waiting for someone – anyone – to name just one of Randy Hultgren’s accomplishments, I’m asking all my moderate GOP compatriots to head out to that get together and give Dennis a chance to impress you as much as he’s impressed me.
Now, before you stomp your foot and summarily say “no!,” please try to remember that no one understands just how exasperating the Dems can be like I do. So before you relegate all members of that party to some sort of contagious form of leprosy, please allow me to point out that Pat Perez turned out to be the best Sheriff in Kane County history.
And I backed him from the very beginning so you have to give me some credit for a capacity to pick good candidates.
C’mon! Could listening to Dennis for a scant hour and a half really cause any kind of permanent damage? You might even consider asking a question or two. Because if you’re as tired of the D.C. gridlock as I am, then it’s time to color outside the party lines and vote for the best candidate.
Despite what the tea baggers will tell you, most of us want:

  • To have reasonable gun control
  • To take care of our veterans
  • To get our college graduates out from under unsupportable debt
  • To have a strong middle class
  • To have everyone pay their fair share
  • To improve our flagging national infrastructure
  • To have Congress implement a reasonable jobs program
  • To have reasonably priced health care available to everyone

And by taking a stand for those simple stipulations, Dennis Anderson represents all of us and not just the ones who carry the most cash or regularly scream the loudest.
Randy Hultgren signs on to the obstructionist Washington minority, who accomplish absolutely nothing, simply because he wants to hang on to the best paying job he’s ever managed to blunder into. That’s not a good reason to reelect someone.
So what could it hurt? Head out to the Town and Country Library this evening and listen to what a sane politician really sounds like. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. I attended his St Charles townhall and thought he did an excellent job of explaining his positions. Anyone who has not yet had the opportunity, should go meet him.

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