It’s time for the real conservatives to take back their movement

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the Pledge of Allegiance fracas at Mill Creek Elementary School in unincorporated Geneva.

Though today’s Patch column gives conservatives no quarter, my point wasn’t as much to go after them, but to take them to task for letting wingnuts like this parent co-opt their movement. We may not fully agree on contentious topics like same sex marriage, gun control and the President, but that doesn’t mean the dialog can’t be civil.

But rather than ramble on about it again, I’ll let the column stand for itself. The reader comments are also quite interesting.

Doncha just love township government?

First of all, wherever a municipality holds sway, it’s time to eliminate township government because it’s redundant. The second reason we can do without it is the statement made by Geneva Township Trustee Robert Kovacs who obviously doesn’t believe in leaving anything up to the voters.

Geneva Township Trustees taking a 2011 vote

Geneva Township Trustees taking a 2011 vote

C’mon! Anyone who reads this blog knows that townships like the Geneva version are where they bury the political patronage bodies because no one’s paying attention. And I’m sure you also already know that Township Supervisor Pat Jaeger has been running it as his own personal fiefdom for years.

But why spoil all the surprises! In my latest Geneva Patch column you will discover:

  • Mr. Kovac’s fascinating pronouncements on bouncing a township candidate off the ballot
  • How much a township clerk makes including his or her health insurance benefits
  • That Geneva Township trustees, who generally don’t do much,  make twice what Geneva aldermen make
  • Just how many of your tax dollars go towards this kind of political patronage

Who can I count on to start the end of township government ball rolling? Until then, enjoy the column!

I hope you enjoyed the show…

But if you didn’t you can listen to today’s Left, Right and You can take it all in right here: Left Right and You Jan. 8.

Thanks to 66th District State Rep Mike Tryon for calling in and helping us dissect the state’s seemingly eternal pension problem. Sadly, there appears to be no progress in that regard.

State Rep. Mike Tryon

State Rep. Mike Tryon

We also discussed the Illinois GOP’s sudden shift on gay marriage and yours truly challenged the Catholic Church to be more consistent in their approach to moral issues. I may have even proposed to Dave our producer! I guess I’m just an incurable romantic.





Left, Right and You – tune in today from 3 to 4 p.m.

It’s gonna be a good one folks! With co-host Allen heading down to Mordor…I mean Springfield immediately after the show, we’ll be covering what our always fascinating representatives are cooking up during this lame duck session. That includes:

  • Is the Illinois GOP really serious about going for gay marriage?  megyn
  • Was Springfield’s attempt at gun control something we can get behind?
  • Should illegal immigrants get drivers licenses?
  • Is Illinois’ current pension reform plan worth the paper on which it’s written?

And Allen and I only agree on item number 4!

Also, State Representative Mike Tryonwill call in to compare the property taxes we pay in the suburbs to what Governor Pat Quinn and Speaker of the House Mike Madigan pay in the city of Chicago.

So it will certainly pay to tune in to WRMN AM1410 between 3 and 4 to get our take on these interesting and divisive issues. And we welcome yours at 847-931-1410 too!

Someone needs to control the folks in Animal Control

Once again, the Kane County board is turning their attention to that ongoing fiasco known as Animal Control. As board member T. R. Smith told the Chronicle, “This has seemed to occupy so much of our time. This is a simple thing that should have been done a long time ago.”

Ain’t that the truth!

So now they’re talking about going back to an administrator instead of a head honcho veterinary experience which probably isn’t a bad idea. This is a clear case of the inmates taking over the asylum and those particular county employees have gotten used to doing whatever they damn well please.

And it’s not all their fault either. When the former county chairman and former health department director insisted upon turning that facility into their private patronage playground, the staff quickly figured out that no one had the cohones to rein them in. Ms. Verzal was an environmental science joke and they ran off the brand new director in three short months. dogcat

One of my favorite things about Animal Control is you can’t simply walk in to see if you’d like to adopt a dog – you have to make an appointment. And that’s very difficult thing to do when they don’t even bother to answer their phones. I’m sure you all remember my column about that crew sending out rabies violations despite a one year backlog entering vaccination data as well.

The frightening truth is, KCAC may well be chairman Chris Lauzen’s biggest challenge. He’s got to choose a director who can walk right into that building, kick some butt, and micromanage the recalcitrant staff until that facility is running the way it should be.

As another board member put it, it’s got to be like a hostile corporate takeover – swift and merciless. I’ll be watching!

Allen and I may not agree on gun control, but there’s nothing wrong with having a conversation!

To wit, this is a press release challenge just issued by my esteemed conservative Left, Right and You radio counterpart:


Trustee Skillicorn Says Anti-Gun Rhetoric Is Bad For Business  allen

For immediate release

January 3, 2013
East Dundee, IL

East Dundee Trustee Allen Skillicorn invites Senate President Cullerton and Senate Democratic Caucus members to meet with the owners and employees of GAT Guns in East Dundee before approving sweeping Anti-Gun regulations.

The village of East Dundee recently annexed the GAT Guns store and shooting range. Working together with the owners and the village, GAT Guns is currently expanding their shooting range and store. This expansion will lead to more jobs and more tax revenue for the village and state. This week the Senate Democratic Caucus pushed forward a vote for sweeping Anti-Gun regulations that threaten financial success of GAT Guns and the livelihoods of the 50-plus employees who work for the gun retailer.

“Not only do these regulations contradict the constitutionally protected Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they are bad for the business climate here in East Dundee and Illinois. Senator Cullerton, your rhetoric has far greater consequences than just grandstanding to your Anti-2nd Amendment special interests. Your rhetoric harms real people and businesses in our state.” Said Trustee Allen Skillicorn.
Trustee Allen Skillicorn
245 Dunridge Circle
East Dundee, IL 60118



While I’ve certainly softened my stance on gun control, and I have absolutely no problem with hunting rifles, I still say that no one needs to own anything that even approximates an assault weapon.

I also firmly believe that, while the NRA’s general actions are counterproductive to living in a civilized society, sitting down and calmly discussion the subject, as Allen suggests here, is always a worthwhile endeavor.

You can listen to Left, Right and You right here.

Allen and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to former Kane County Young Republican Chairman and current Newtown, CT school board member Cody McCubben for calling in to the show today. Though it certainly wasn’t easy for him to discuss the Sandy Hook shootings, he brought a perspective to that tragedy that no one else could.

Cody McCubbin

Cody McCubbin

I especially appreciated his thoughts on how you acknowledge the need to move forward while still in the midst of mourning. It can’t be easy for any of the folks in Newtown right now.

If  you missed it, you can listen to the show right here: Left Right and You Jan. 1

Things do change on New Year’s Day – at least on the radio!

With everyone nursing a hangover on this fine day off, there’s no excuse not to tune in to Left, Right and You between 3 and 4 p.m. on AM1410. Allen Skillicorn and I plan on starting your year off with a bang! We’ll be discussing:  u2

1. Our New Year’s resolutions. Mine is to be nicer to conservatives because it’s not nice to make fun of people who generally aren’t that smart to being with.

2. Cody McCubben, former Kane County Young Republican Chairman and current Newtown, CT school board member will be calling in.

3. Why liberals don’t get it and conservatives are missing the boat in their attempts to address school shootings.

4. Does the impending fiscal cliff deal signal an end to Washington Gridlock?

We hope you will tune in and call in (847-931-1410) with your thoughts!  fact_allen_skillicorn_jeff_ward