The best column on those insipid Shades of Grey books yet

In her Sunday Sun-Times column, Carol Marin takes the best selling selling book apart for being “poorly written” and adds, “I want to warn young women away from this twisted, cynical… crap.”

And I thought I was blunt.  Ms. Marin is my new journalistic hero!

What is it about women that they’ll fall for any story in which the “heroine” improbably meets and somehow changes a warped rich dude. So now it’s Billionaire BDSM fairy tales? As Bill Maher so eloquently put it, “Someone has to tell the housewives who are reading the “mommy-porn” trilogy… that there’s a man with a hard-on in the bed right next to you.”

Bill Foster drives me nuts!

I know some of you think I only go after Republicans, but nothing could be further from the truth.  You can read my scathing Beacon-News indictment of Bill Foster’s sad campaign tactics as well as the general lack of any kind of Democratic plan right here.

Then, like manna from heaven, the day before the column ran, Foster had the nerve to tell the Daily Herald he lamented that “the spirit of bipartisanship has been all but ‘killed off’ in Washington,  D.C.” while holding the proverbial gun in his own right hand.

This particular pronouncement redefines the term “clueless” and demonstrates why we can’t send Bill Foster back to Washington.



Jeff Ward has a blog!

It’s time!

Actually, it’s long overdue.  Given the obvious and digitally induced cultural shift, going the blog road seems to be the way to go.   The reason for my reticence has been something many bloggers fail to understand – there’s a value in having editors and working with a journalistic team.

But sometimes, even the unreasonable man must bow to the inevitable.   So after seven years of writing columns for the Aurora Beacon and Courier News, here it is!  Jeff Ward unfettered, unedited and unapologetic.   And yes! The mere thought of that scares me even more than it likely terrifies you.

We’ll talk about Kane County, we’ll talk about the upcoming elections, and we’ll talk about a lot more.   I will endeavor to provide the same insights you’ve come to expect in my columns.   In fact, this blog will be a lot like those the continuing columns, but a bit more personal.

What I can promise you is it will never be boring.  My motto has always been to keep the conversation going and this is just the next step.  Fasten your seat belts my friends, it’s gonna be an interesting ride!