Quick Hit’s – Breaking News

Quick Hit’s – Breaking News

When a source told me that Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain had hired, fast friend, campaign compatriot, and Elgin City Councilman Corey Dixon to what amounts to a very well-paying part-time job, my first thought was, “Ron Hain couldn’t possibly be stupid enough to try to pull off that kind of blatant patronage stunt.”

But then I received this morning’s FOIA response which clearly proved that theory completely wrong.

Dixon 3

Councilman Dixon, a former Department of Human Services caseworker, is the Kane County Sheriff’s Office newest “Senior Assistant Director of Administration,” a 35-hour a week job that pays 72 grand a year. And those County jobs come with a very generous benefits package, too!

To make matters even more interesting, somehow, only three other people managed to apply for a position that most of us would kill for, and from the look of their resumes, they were all more qualified than Dixon. C’mon! Caseworkers are great and necessary people, but it’s quite a leap from that gig to the Senior Assistant Director of Administration of a $26 million Sheriff’s office.

Considering how Dixon has repeatedly thrown Elgin Police Lieutenant Chris Jensen under the bus, it’s gonna be fascinating to see how local law enforcement reacts to this fascinating hire. Sheriff Hain certainly knows how to make friends and influence people, doesn’t he?

I’m also guessing the reason the job is part-time is so Dixon can continue to pursue his political career. It certainly helps to have friends in high places, doesn’t it?

I briefly spoke with Undersheriff Pat Gengler this morning, who correctly said he’d have to defer to the Sheriff on this one. So, since I simply can’t wait to hear his answer to all this, I’ll defer the full write-up until Monday (May 20).

Meanwhile, I’ve passed the story along to the Daily Herald and Shaw Media because this is exactly the kind of political BS that needs to be fully exposed. I’ve really gotta stop helping people get elected!

9 thoughts on “Quick Hit’s – Breaking News

  1. Jeff
    I know you supported Ron and you gave me good reasons to support him. I believe you thought he was a good person. But this one does not pass the smell test from what you have presented.

    You brought up a good point about Corey Dixon’s persistence on Chris Jensen.
    I do not agree with Corey’s or Tish Powells thoughts on the whole situation that the victim put herself into. I am under impression that they have cost the city money for yet another investigation that didn’t need to be made (in my feelings) I became very disappointed of their positions on the matter.

    Now, I am left to be disappointed of our new Sheriff. I thought he was going to be a real good one. Let’s hope this does not continue.

  2. Slick. Verrrry slick. Let’s see if Dixon follows in the steps of his fellow Libs on the council with conflict of interest-appearing voting like the following did and still do:

    Moeller voted multiple times on the NENA Escape School deals while being on their board.

    Martinez voted to grease a sale property of city property to her church, (a deal that failed miserably) and STILL continues to vote on giving money to the Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau despite being on their board AND votes on U-46 issues while being a U-46 employee.

    Rauschenberger voting on the same U-46 issues despite also being a U-46 employee.

    Steffen voting on the NENA Escape School issues despite his wife being on the board. He later stopped that after I called him and others out for doing so.

    Kaptain for routinely voting to spend $30,000 a year so he can attend 5-6 meetings a year at the Metro West Council of Governments where the drinks flow in plentiful nature. Not only should he not attend these expensive drinking parties but he should abstain from voting on them.

    Will his ego allow him to abstain on ALL Kane Co. issues? No way. Plus he has many other examples where his colleagues have been getting away with it for years.

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