The First Ward Report – Aurora University’s bait and switch – Part 2

If you require the previous pieces to this story, may I humbly suggest you resort to Wednesday’s part one. With that caveat issued, let’s move on!

The next in a long line of issues I have with Aurora University is, not only did they completely fail to warn parents and students about the move to fully remote learning, they’ve made no attempt to support their sudden switch with any form logic or evidence.

Despite all the nanny-state progressives’ (I’m a classic Evanston liberal) howling about the risks of returning to the classroom, the FACTS tell us something completely different. And if you take the time to review the Illinois Department of Public Health website, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

As of this morning, 38 Illinoisans age 1 to 29 have perished from COVID-19. And while every death diminishes us, also according to the IDPH, in 2018 1,525 Illinois 1 to 24-year-olds died in accidents, 366 were murdered, 201 took their own lives, and 91 died of cancer.

Considering that leading cause of young deaths, why haven’t we banned cars or shut down the roads?

Moving on to professor age (30 to 69) Illinois individuals, 2,479 have succumbed to the coronavirus, and according to the Kane County Health Department, 90 percent of them had a “co-morbidity” factor, or a serious underlying medical condition that played a major role in their demise.

Meanwhile, for Illinoisans aged 25 to 64 in 2018, 7,125 perished from an eminently preventable  form of heart disease, 6,512 died of cancer – 45 percent of which were preventable (, 3,618 were killed in accidents, 1,059 committed suicide, and 619 became homicide victims.

The very definition of life is risk management, and until pandemic panic porn became this politicized, that’s a reality we generally accepted. The truth is, according to a study by the National Center for Biology Information, “People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.”

Put more simply, there’s absolutely no evidence that supports Aurora University’s bait and switch money grab.

As a brief aside, in my capacity as a campaign manager, I’m privy to polls most folks aren’t, and with the possible exception of the presidency, these heavy-handed progressive efforts have eliminated any November “Blue Wave.” And if the nanny staters persist in this remote learning and shutdown bovine manure, they will get Donald Trump reelected because parents neither have the time nor inclination to become teacher’s aides.

Illinois pays some of the highest property taxes in the country so our schools can do their jobs. And the fact we suddenly have to take on that task is a clear indication that, for the vast majority of students, remote learning doesn’t work.

A couple of readers duly noted that online classes worked for their sons, but they chose that route because their children were predisposed to that method. My family didn’t choose remote learning and in spite of a Herculean effort, I’ve watched D131 struggle with every last aspect of that process from consistent connection issues right on up to getting students to actually log in.

Worse yet, cable systems and their collective bandwidth model are bogging down under the strain because they were never meant to handle all that simultaneous streaming.

Even if remote learning worked, we send our children to school, in great part, because of the critical social development classroom aspect. So, in an effort to “save” them, progressives are permanently damaging our sons and daughters, instead.

The “cure” has clearly become so much worse than the “disease.”

When you consider the FACTS, given my pro se courtroom track record, if I had standing, Aurora University would already be on the receiving end of a slam dunk fraud and breach of contract lawsuit.

But my son, who’s not nearly equipped to handle the legal process, is over 18 which counts me out. My fondest wish, however, is that enough aggrieved AU students and parents do see fit to file the class action lawsuit that forces AU to reopen their classrooms or forces tuition discounts. And I’d be more than happy to provide what ever support I can in that regard.

I know some really good attorneys, too!

Lastly, maybe I’m just a bit slow, but someday I might finally understand that arguing with a blatant narcissist like AU President Rebecca Sherrick is patently pointless. I would expect better email responses from a sugar-addled toddler throwing an epic tantrum because they didn’t get their afternoon nap.

It never fails to amaze me how narcissists consistently manage to wrangle their way to the top education and local government positions. We’ll get to Ms. Sherrick her and those fascinating emails in an upcoming column.

To sum it up, paying full tuition for poorly conceived remote classes sucks, but we’re stuck with it. The most difficult part of this AU bait and switch for this journalist is my general capacity to create social and political change is severely limited here. My only solace is we weren’t duped into paying that six-plus grand in dorm and meal fees (just one semester) only to have our son sit solo in a tiny room and watch his classes on a small laptop screen.

A good friend told me to tape a large copy of the Serenity Prayer to my home-office desk, and even though he’s right, the thought of having to regularly recite it makes me want to beat the crap out of someone. And I’m thinkin’ that kind of thinking tends to undermine that passage’s underlying intent.

The bottom line? Given a karmic replay, I wouldn’t send my child to Aurora University if they paid me for the privilege!


On Monday, how Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, a man I got elected, has been more than disappointing in this and so many other regards!

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  1. We agree on Mayor Irvin

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