The empire (or at least Terry Gavin) strikes back!

Being of the irascible sort, I’m generally not aversive to sharing my immense intellect with the powers that be. Since I gotta be me, after watching last night’s live Elgin City Council video feed, I sent each and every ALDERMAN, a link to my blog post advocating for an Hispanic ALDERMANIC Anna Moeller replacement.

And some of them were kind enough to respond.

Elgin Alderman Terry Gavin

Elgin Alderman Terry Gavin

Carol Rauschenberger may not always agree with my hypotheses, but she did mention a fondness for my commentary. Of course, that only shows she has very good taste.

Rich Dunne and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, but he admired my unique use of the term, “the vapors.” And, quite frankly, it was rather funny.

But then I got an email from Terry Gavin who – in a reasonably nice way – insisted that I never email him another blog post again!

Terry aptly noted that I don’t live in Elgin which, apparently, immediately disqualifies anyone from ever commenting on anything Elgin related. Then, the guy who’s major claim to city council fame is taking on fluoridated water, said he’d protect my right to say dumb things.

I suppose I should take some solace in the fact that statement came from an expert on the subject.

As proof of my lack of intelligence, he cited my “referring to us as Aldermen when in fact we’re Councilmen.” Oh! The ignominy. How could I have ever used such polar opposite terms. Next thing you know I’ll be calling a ship a boat!

Why, he even had the nerve to accuse me of harboring a liberal bias! I resemble that remark! Just because each and every episode of Left, Right and You opens with “the liberal Jeff Ward” doesn’t mean its true.

Then Terry proceeded to chide me for knowing so very little about him.

If only that were true.

To quote the ALDERMAN, “Your liberal position on who should be given a gift of a city council seat without earning it before the voters is stupefying.”

Some might counter that holier-than-thou BS with the fact that the community service history of at least eight of those 21 candidates – some of whom actually ran for the position – clearly shows they’ve earned the job. And the fact that a pasty white semi-blowhard ALDERMAN, who’s had every political advantage automatically thrust upon him, actually said that, completely proves my original point.

Not one to shutup while he isn’t ahead, Mr. Gavin continues; “To make the very worn out statement that only certain people can represent certain other people is ridiculous & in itself racist.” And then he asks to be invited to appear on Left, Right and You.

Ain’t it funny how the minute you stand up to a bully, they suddenly become the victim. And ALDERMAN Gavin is most certainly a bully. Because it was an “unfortunate” incident with a former LR&Y co-host that led to his banishment from the radio show and facebook page.

But you can bet your sweet bippie that I’m gonna do my damndest to obtain an LR&Y policy waiver and get the ALDERMAN on the show next week, because I’d love to have a conversation with him.

Please stay tuned.




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