It may be bleepin’ cold again…

…but Left, Right and You is always there to warm you up!    jeff-ward-allen-skillicorn-radio-Illinnoyed-taxes

On today’s show (from 3 to 4 on WRMN AM1410):

  • Joe Henchman of the non-partisan Tax Foundation will talk about Illinois’ graduated income tax proposal.
  • Why aren’t conservatives up in arms about the West Virginia chemical spills (hint: because they’re corporate lackeys)?
  • And Jeff takes a surprising stand on the minimum wage argument.

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Republicans hate (non-prescription) drugs, but they certainly seem to take them

Jesus Christ. For those of you who watched the return of Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday, what the hell drug is Mary Matalin on?

While I firmly believe it’s fascinating that Democratic consultant James Carville is married to GOP matalinconsultant Mary Matalin, and one would think having both of them on Real Time at the same time would be a fascinating endeavor. But, holy shit! Either Ms. Matalin was fucking drunk or she’d taken one too many oxycontins.

She was slurring her words, swaying back and forth and it seemed like she had a facelift that tightened things up too much or her teeth were accidentally superglued together.

Though I don’t nearly always agree with Mr. Carville (especially on minimum wage), he was lucid and made his points. But as far as Ms. Matalin goes, it’s almost as if towing the the Republican bottom line for years takes it’s toll. Have any of you seen Mitch McConnell?

The Queen Mary Ain’t Just a Boat…

(This one’s for you Dean H.!)

Because we suddenly seem to have a Queen Mary right here in little old Geneva! Of course, it might be nothing more than a case of City Manager Mary McKittrick harboring delusions of royal grandeur, though she certainly seems to be making good on them.

That’s not nearly all! There’s also the queen’s court which consists of pretender to the throne, Princess

Queen Mary McKittrick

Queen Mary McKittrick

Stephanie (Dawkins, Assistant City Manager), you already know the Clown Prince, and, of course, the royal yes man and 5th Ward Alderman Craig Maladra.

And woe be it to any aldermanic peasant who dares to beg the queen for some meager data scraps, for she will swiftly and summarily issue her infamous edict to remove their political heads.

So if you tuned into channel 10 this week, you already noticed the latest recipient of her royal wrath was none other than 3rd Ward Alderman Dean Kilburg who had the temerity to request what was essentially a simple workman’s compensation report by department.

Foolhardy serf that he is, Kilburg first attempted to pry that information loose via an unobtrusive email request. But despite state statute clearly stating that aldermen are to be privy to virtually any internal information, the Queen was not amused and turned him down flat.

Only when faced with staring at those sheer stone castle walls did Kilburg resort to bringing it up at last week’s city council meeting.

Incensed, Princess Stephanie commenced to running around in circles shrieking that it couldn’t be done without a Sisyphean effort, the Clown Prince accused Kilburg of making frivolous requests, and Queen Mary imperiously insisted upon learning the specific reason the alderman dared demand data.

Why, the Queen even issued cutting queries like, “then what,” “what’s next,” and “What are you doing with it.”

Had I been sitting squarely in Alderman Kilburg’s hot seat, my not-so-polite response would’ve been something along the lines of, “It’s none of your damn business, just give me the bleepin’ report.” Because, the legal truth is, no city councilman in this vast county ever has to justify their reason for making a reasonable request.

Finally fed up with his figurative flogging, Kilburg asked if the information could be obtained by FOIA. That’s when Princess Stephanie said something so silly, it will go down in the annals of royal proclamations like “let them eat cake.” She essentially said that if the report doesn’t already exist within the city’s computers, then they don’t have to provide it!

Ain’t it fun to pay as assistant city manger more that $100,000 a year to render that kind of bizarre and blatantly bogus legal opinion?

God bless sage City Councilman Chuck Brown who quickly and accurately noted that, under the Princess’s scenario, to render themselves immune to all FOIAs, all a municipality would have to do is to neither create nor generate reports.

As a former columnist who is a FOIA expert will tell you, Alderman Brown is dead on. If the data exits, short of social security numbers, health information, and overly onerous requests, ALL FOIA requests must be honored and answered within five to ten days.

Leaping to the Queen’s defense, Clown Prince Burns declared that “creating work for the staff because you’re curious” was a royal no-no to which the entire city council had already acceded.

No Mayor Burns. What really happened is the aldermen and you came to a loose verbal understanding not to be unreasonable about impinging on staff time. But instead of adhering to the spirit of that accord, you, the Queen and Princess proceeded to beat the council over the head with that “gentleman’s” agreement at every turn. As alderman Flanagan said, perhaps it might better to document the difference between reasonable and unreasonable.

The Clown Prince continued his soliloquy by claiming these kind of Kilburgian requests would create the kind of “poisonous atmosphere” that would cause city staff to resort to garment rending and the general gnashing of teeth

No Mayor Burns, what creates a “poisonous atmosphere” is never holding the staff accountable for absolutely anything. Then you get a fading downtown, a former streets superintendents who steals $24,000, an assistant city manager who thinks FOIA requests are optional, and a city manager who thinks she’s can treat the alderman like something slightly less than the royal manure.

But not to fear dear reader, this fairytale has a happy ending. (Don’t they all?) For this intrepid former columnist just issued a FOIA request for the very information Alderman Kilburg has been so diligently seeking. And in doing so, I reminded our cast of city characters that not only do I utterly understand the FOIA laws, but I would be willing to involve the Attorney General just to make my point.

I’ll keep y’all posted on that process.

Wait a minute – here’s a thought! Since our city royalty seems to have problems with their statutory responsibilities, perhaps this might work. Should any alderman require further city data, cut out the middleman by coming to me first.

Then I’ll FOIA it.

Left, Right and You is back baby…

…and you can listen to it right here: 

Thank you to Illinois U.S. senatorial candidate Doug Truax for calling in and fielding some of our

Doug Truax

Doug Truax

tougher questions. If friend-of-the-show Jim Oberweis isn’t careful, you never know what might happen.

And then Allen and I shed some much needed light on the Illinois gubernatorial race as well as engaged in a spirited debate on whether we’d rather have our politicians be nefarious or dumb. My theory is that while you can always fight nefarious, stupid cannot be defeated.

Enjoy the show!

Another Left, Right and You is…

…in the bag. And you can listen to it right here: 

Despite whatever Allen tries to tell you, global warming or the better term, climate change, is for real.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

And the evidence is the statistics I repeatedly cited on the show. To ignore those numbers and stick your head in the sand is absurd!

Thanks to State Rep. Jack Franks for joining the show and covering a number of topics, not the least of which was the fact we both believe NJ Governor Chris Christie knew damn well what was going on in Fort Lee.

And speaking of Mr. Christie, his presidential aspirations have just evaporated faster than a raindrop in the Gobi Desert. Politicians can get away with all sort of untold evil, but they can’t mess with things that impact people’s immediate reality.

Enjoy the show!



So even though you know what 2014 will bring…

…you still have to listen to the show! And you can do that right here:

Jeff’s predictions for 2014 include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. The national Tea Party begins their steep slide into obscurity.
  2. Obamacare gets fixed and gets a better than 50 percent approval rating.
  3. Immigration reform will fail and so will the GOP’s chances at the November polls.
  4. Pope Francis continues to upend the Catholic Church and Catholics start coming back!
  5. The stock market, economy and housing market will continue to make record gains.
  6. The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup – again!
  7. NSA data gathering will ultimately be found unconstitutional.
  8. Democrats will retain the Senate.
  9. Afghanistan continues to implode.
  10. Sales of Doritos go up 300 percent in Colorado.

Thanks to Pete for calling in and enjoy the show!

Is it 2014 already? But if it’s Thursday…

it’s time for Left, Right and You!  left-right-and-you-2014-podcast

Please join Allen and me as we predict what will be the biggest news stories of 2014. I can’t wait to prophecise the demise of the Tea Party’s!

We’ll also take a brief crack at the Mitt Romney MSNBC kerfuffle. My take is the right only likes free speech when you agree with them, and when you patently pander, you get exactly what you deserve.

So join us on WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today for the political ride of your life. And don’t forget to call us at 847-931-1401.