There’s a special place in hell for folks like Dr. Drew Pinsky

I’m going to take a break from my busy book writing schedule to put the demise of “Celebrity Rehab” into the proper perspective.

Yes! After 6 years of parading irreparably damaged C list celebrity misfits in front of a television camera for fun and profit, having the temerity to claim, “I am tired of taking all the heat, it is just ridiculous,” circus ringmaster “Dr.” Drew Pinsky is calling it it quits.

The “heat” to which Pinsky is referring is having to answer for the post show deaths of Rodney King, country star Mindy McCready, Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr, Taxi star Jeff Conaway, and The Real World’s Joey Kovar.

Mindy McCready and Drew Pinsky

Mindy McCready and Drew Pinsky

Having no shame whatsoever, Pinsky actually told the press, “To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame?”

Uh! Yeah! Maybe not all of it, but what the bleep do you think is gonna happen when you when you dangle cash and a temporary return to stardom in front of scarred people stuck at rock bottom and then proceed to make them look like complete morons in front of a national audience to generate ratings?

It’ doesn’t take a fricken’ genius to predict an 11 percent mortality rate. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t higher.

Look, if you go on the Springer show, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, but worthless human beings like Pinsky and Dr. Phil wrap their modern circus freak show in the holiest of intentions which makes them particularly pernicious and especially evil.

Do I really have to explain why rehab really ain’t supposed to be a spectator sport? And if you’re going to turn it into one for your own personal gain, they why would you be surprised when people call you out for what you truly are?

A person who has absolutely no regard for any other human being.

What’s the best thing about Thursday evening?

You get to listen to Left, Right and You again! And you can do it right here!

Thanks to tech expert Brett Haase for calling in today. While Google Glass might top my Christmas list, I certainly won’t be buying any bit coins anytime soon.

Brett Haase

Brett Haase

Then we talked the book I’m writing, Tim Tebow, and actually agreed that the City of Elgin is taking the notion of surveillance way too far. I was under the mistaken notion that 1984 had come and gone.

Frankly, what I wanna see is all the rightwingnuts get as excited about these constitutional encroachments as they do about gun control.

Until next week…

It’s almost time for Left, Right and You!

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  • Tech expert Brett Haase joins the show with his insights.
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  • Does the coverage of Tim Tebow and Jason Collins add up to a  media double standard?
  • Exactly how many Elgin surveillance cameras are enough?

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