Quick Hits – Chapter One!

Given the effort it’s taking to make the book available to the public and the fact I’ve developed tendinitis in both thumbs from years of typing (buying that Nintendo Switch from my son certainly didn’t help matters), Quick Hits will be taking the day off!

But not to fear dear readers! I have a real treat for you. Simply click on the ensuing link and you will enjoy the unique pleasure of reading the first chapter of ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election?’

Your regular Quick Hits will return on Monday when we will discuss how those scurrilous Springfield Democrats could easily fix DCFS if they so chose. They certainly have the power to do it. On Tuesday we’ll cover the top three Kane County elected and pubic officials who, despite those six-figure salaries, never seem to make it into the office.

And one is particularly egregious!

Meanwhile, here’s Chapter 1!


5 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Chapter One!

  1. Nice and I do intend to get a copy. However aren’t there pictures?

    • Jim,

      Yes! But the pictures come down the road, especially when it comes to campaign material. The e-book version is moving ahead full speed!

  2. It may have been a marketing error to Big Reveal this excellent first chapter on selfless commitment. About 90% of people thinking of running for public office will think again, and have no reason to buy the book.

  3. Please, get this to print as soon as possible. It’s an enjoyable read! Great job!

    When you write your next book, “So You Want to Win A Congressional Election”, please get an autographed copy to your former co-host Allen Skillicorn. You hate to see a good man being set-up as Skillicorn is, but his comments in this article shows he’s got a lot of growing-up to do:


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