The latest edition (6-26-14) of Left, Right and You…

The latest edition (6-26-14) of Left, Right and You…

… is right here:
We had a couple of technical difficulties today including losing the first 90 seconds of the show. But rest assured, dear listener, the meat of what we all had to say is all there in all it’s unbridled glory.

Anna Moeller
Anna Moeller

First, Larry and I talked about coyotes and, though you probably shouldn’t hug one of ’em as I suggested, living in fear of them ain’t the answer either. Isn’t it funny how all my Republican neighbors went running to the Geneva City Council insisting that they do something to end this scourge. They love less government, but only for everyone else.
There is nothing you can do to stop coyotes from staking out their territory. So as I’ve said all along, if you see one chase it! It works every time and reinforces their fear of humans.
Then Larry and I want to thank Elgin State Rep Anna Moeller for coming on and discussing the effect of political rumors driven by those dreaded ancillary players. Even though the election isn’t until November, the folks who never emotionally graduated from high school are already at it.
Enjoy the show!

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  1. Actually my daughter and our 90 lb dog was chased by 3 coyote in Geneva near Eagle Brook. It was late at night. I mentioned it to a nice police officer who reminded me that pepper spray is a good thing to have. She no longer walks him at night. Both are reasonable solutions

  2. Victoria,
    The reason your daughter was likely “chased” is because she ran from the coyotes. If you run from a dog, wolf, or coyote, it triggers their prey instinct and they will chase you. Had your daughter (unless she was really young) turned on the coyotes it would’ve triggered their flight instinct and they would’ve bolted.
    Coyotes are scavengers looking for an easy meal. They’ll fight other coyotes to defend their territory, but they’re not going to go after prey that presents a problem. And just like dogs, coyotes can be trained, but the problem is, right now we’re training them to believe that humans aren’t a threat.
    I run through Fisher Farms, Westhaven, the farmland west of Peck Road, and Peck Farm Park and I never see a coyote anymore because they know I will go after them. That said, I always carry pepper spray and a rather severe 4″ assisted opening hunting blade with me as well.
    Whether it’s a Geneva coyote or a Rogers Park doberman or rottweiler, I’ve never had a “dog” fail to run from me when I play the alpha dog role. The only animal that truly scares me is a pit bull because they don’t play by the same rules.
    The bottom line is there is coyotes have adapted to our presence and there is nothing we can do to prevent their participation in the rich pageant known as suburban life. So we may as well get used to them.
    Thank you for listening to the show and for your input!

    1. Actually, my daughter used to baby sit for you. She is petite in stature, next to our dog. As I said, she does not walk him after that night, nor does she need to. But she was frightened and had to go back to look for her phone. Being threatened by 3 coyote at fargo and western at midnight frightened her but we understand their presence in our
      neighborhood. I am not advocating for getting rid of them but being aware that they coexist

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