The First Ward Coronavirus Report – The “experts” are even worse than Donald Trump!

The First Ward Coronavirus Report – The “experts” are even worse than Donald Trump!

After embarking on a Friday afternoon sojourn to stock up on that superb Columbia Crest 2017 Cabernet at Binny’s in the Geneva Commons, upon entering the premises, I quickly noted that they’d already dropped their mask requirement.

And it was quite the pleasant surprise, too! They certainly didn’t waste any time listening to the CDC’s latest advice.

What a morale booster it was to walk through a store without that almost-completely useless piece of cloth covering my face. The only possible downside is my adoring throng will, once again, be able to recognize me in public, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to breathe unfettered.

Now that I’ve tasted facial freedom, any store or restaurant that doesn’t reasonably follow suit will lose my business for good.

But just when I was falling in love with this fanciful flight of facial flexibility, I made the mistake of turning to the tablet news while perched on the can this morning, and the term “buzzkill” doesn’t begin to describe my immediate homicidal thoughts.

And those serial killer urges are getting harder to sublimated because those flip sides of the same Trump coin – “the experts” – are at it again! Undaunted by perpetually getting it wrong, now they’re claiming that the CDC acted prematurely by declaring that most vaccinated folks could remove their masks for most indoor endeavors. They had the temerity to say that businesses should retain their mask mandates “for as long as possible.”

So, lets take a look at the excruciatingly contradictory and downright bullshit “advice” the” experts” have thrust upon us over the course of the last year:

Experts then:   You’d be silly to wear a mask
Experts later:   You must wear a mask at all times
Experts:            Disinfect all surfaces and wash all your groceries

CDC:               “It’s particularly difficult to catch COVID-19 from a surface”
The Data:        Completely supports the CDC

Experts:           Wear your mask and social distance outside
CDC:                “It’s particularly difficult to catch COVID-19 outdoors”
The Data:        Completely supports the CDC

Fauci then:      We must lockdown immediately until we develop a vaccine
Fauci later:      Persistent lockdowns can be very counterproductive

Experts:           We must close down bars and restaurants (but not big box stores)
CDC:                The disease primarily spreads in poorly ventilated homes

Experts:           Keep your children out of school!
CDC:                The classroom is the safest place for a child to be
The Data:        Completely supports the CDC

Experts:           We have to protect our children
CDC:                COVID deaths without a preexisting condition are very rare
The Data:        Far more children died during the 13-week 2018 flu season than from 14 months of COVID

Dr. Fauci:         We’re on the verge of a third wave
The Data:        U.S. COVID cases hit a 14-month low

Experts:           The CDC acted too quickly in eliminating the mask mandate
The Data:        The states without mask mandates are doing far better than New York, California, and Illinois and their far tougher mitigations

Though the fact that Dr. Fauci agrees with the latest CDC pronouncement makes me want to completely rethink my position.

But what completely frosts my flakes is, instead of calling out the experts for flip-flopping and being wrong every step of the way, the pandemic panic porn prone press just laps it all up. They’re like a southern belle swooning at the sight of a uniformed Confederate general who’s lost every bleepin’ battle he’s fought.

And the “experts” are going to keep making these baseless proclamations because they’ve fallen stone in love with the press and prestige that come along with them. The progressive politicians march in lockstep because they love the power and control. If it were up to them, we’d wear masks forever.

Meanwhile, the media utterly misses the fact that the CDC has generally gotten it right all along – regardless of whomever’s sitting in the White House. And this newest mask message is a great motivator to get recalcitrant folks to get vaccinated. “You want to join the party? All you have to do is get a shot or two!”

But the “experts” claim we still gotta wear masks to protect “children who aren’t able to get the vaccine yet or the immuno-compromised.”

Oh, my fucking lord!

Once again, only 287 American children have died from the plague since the beginning. With 74.2 million in that age group, that makes their mortality rate an abjectly low .0003 percent. To put that in perspective, your child’s odds of being struck by lightning in their lifetime are .006 percent or 20 times greater than dying from COVID.

The “immuno-compromised?” They already know they need to protect themselves because the annual flu can be just as deadly to them, so why aren’t we forced to wear masks every winter? Unless you’re a modern-day Typhoid Mary, the concept that we’re responsible for anyone’s health other than our own is the worst kind of nanny-statism one could possibly perpetuate.

Here’s the thing! If you want to continue wearing a mask, who’s stopping you? If you’re an at-risk individual or a frontline worker, by all means, take the proper precautions. As the CDC just said, “We’re asking people to take their health into their own hands”

What a fuckin’ novel concept! Maybe one day they’ll speak out more forcibly about our absurd self-inflicted obesity epidemic.

And speaking of the obese, their clarion call had been that their self-imposed affliction doesn’t affect anyone else. Well now it has! Seventy-eight percent of Americans who were hospitalized, put on ventilators, or died from the disease were significantly overweight.

But despite the medical profession’s reticence to make a put-down-the-fork statement, because it has directly affected me, I get to say something about it going forward and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

So, here’s to the CDC for getting it right again, and as for the bleepin’ “experts,” as Carnac the Magnificent once said, “May a weird holy man light a Roman candle in your pants.”

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