The Elgin City Council: A Woke Joke

The Elgin City Council: A Woke Joke

Are we losing touch? – From ‘Man on the Moon’ by REM

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now. After a decade-and-a-half of covering all manner of government bodies, every flippin’ time I think, “Nothing can possibly top that bovine manure,” just a scant 182.5 days later, that previous pointless iteration will be inevitably topped in the most magnificent of fashions.

So, while every fiber in my being wants to scream that nothing could possibly top the Elgin City Council’s latest bat guano crazy idea, the truth is, give ‘em a month and I’m sure they’ll come up with something new.


You can read the rest of today’s fascinating column right here! And don’t forget to listen to today’s DOA Podcast with Pam Otto on the amazing nature that surrounds us in the western collar counties!


One thought on “The Elgin City Council: A Woke Joke

  1. “….country’s greater recognition that all things are not equal for all people.” Dixon is absolutely right. And it is darn time that we do something about this. People throughout this country have been thrown out of work, cannot pay rent and left without insurance. Yet there is a class that somehow seems immune. They have not lost any work, pay or benefits. They are jumping the line to get vaccine for the dreaded Covid that has caused this state and every other blue state to shut down. They are our leaders, the politicians that are indispensable and know best. And at this Christmas time I say bless them. Without them we would not have been locked down and protected from death. They have sacrificed so much for us, giving up pay, not driving to Springfield (the horror) meeting remotely, plus not to mention forgoing pay Oh never mind. thank goodness April brings showers and elections. But to also help elevate the cultural, white man’s privilege in Elgin may I nominate Mr. B Lopez for Human Rights Officer. Who knows more about human rights than a downtrodden pawn of the Madigan machine? Knocking on doors only goes so far in getting a lobbyist job and council seat. Imagine if playing field was level.

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