The Decisions, Opinions and Analysis Report – March 8, 2021

The Decisions, Opinions and Analysis Report – March 8, 2021

So, let’s catch up on the Kane County Board – an always fascinating bunch – and their enduring Metra Board appointment follies.

A happy political ending?

Yes! Because before the ink was dry on his official appointment papers, former County Board member Matt Hanson was thrown off the Metra Board even faster than our local school boards can give into their teachers unions.

If you recall, back on April 21, DOA sounded the alarm over the County Board’s attempt to appoint Hanson to the Metra Board, despite the blitheringly obvious conflict of interest involving his employment with the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad.

But even after yours truly and a number of other erudite folks provided ample early warning, the County Board proceeded to put the fox in charge of the henhouse.

But when Metra suddenly became aware of this patently preposterous patronage ploy (I have no clue how that happened), they made such short work of it that Hanson’s eyebrows burned clean off from the whiplash friction. Their February 10 letter included the following passage:

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One thought on “The Decisions, Opinions and Analysis Report – March 8, 2021

  1. “The letter from Metra took us all by surprise, particularly when you consider the obscurity of the law involved…”
    It is always those pesky little obscure laws that do you in. Too bad they don’t have a lawyer that could like sorta check into those obscure things.
    More importantly since there are two mayors now serving illegally it would seem on the Metra Board, should not every vote they have taken on anything be negated? Might change a few things. and of course their little “stipend” should be returned as it was illegal for them to accept it.

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