Quick Hits – The Second District Appellate Court fails miserably!

Quick Hits – The Second District Appellate Court fails miserably!

Here we go again! Another Tuesday Quick Hits. Apparently, I harbor some massive masochistic tendencies I was heretofore unaware of. But since the generally sluggish Second District Court of Appeals ruled on the Wayside Cross Ministries sex offenders’ motion for an emergency temporary restraining order in record time, it’s the perfect time to cover it.

But before we continue, I want to thank the local attorney who sent me a copy of this most recent ruling. I can’t tell you just gratifying to have so many of you support my journalistic efforts.

First, yours truly and every Kane County attorney I spoke with were wrong! They foolishly agreed with my stipulation that the appellate court would grant the temporary allowing the 18 sex offenders to remain at Wayside until the appeal of their eviction was fully heard.

Wayside 3

But in a rather surprising and strange turn of events, the normally staid and letter-of-the-law Second District not only failed to grant the TRO, but as one of my favorite attorneys remarked, “This isn’t just a denial of a stay pending appeal, it’s an actual ruling on the appeal!”

Yes, it is! And you can read it for yourself right here: 2nd Appellate Wayside Ruling

Another attorney said, “They took quick briefs, allowed no argument, and they issued a decision? These things usually take close to a year!”

So, by applying absolutely none of their ordinary due diligence, those men and women in black took the chickenshit way out just because they could. I suppose there’s still the Illinois Supreme Court, but those men and women in black have never impressed me on any level.

One of the most corrupt aldermen in Chicago history is under indictment and his wife still serves? Only in Illinois!

So, let’s review exactly why this ruling completely sucks before I call some people of import out!

1. The sex offender statute doesn’t protect anyone from anything!

Oh! I see! Forcing sex offenders to reside more than 500 feet from a playground is the panacea for pedophilia. Fascinating! That internal conversation must go something like this! “Crap! I feel like snatching a kid, but I just can’t bring myself to walk 501 feet to do it. If only I lived one foot closer to the park!”

2. Children aren’t snatched from parks!

I presented six separate studies to a Facebook bleep this morning unanimously noting that, when it comes to any sexual crimes, including adult rape, the victim knows their attacker 95 percent of the time. “Stranger danger” is a myth. Sexual predators, particularly those who target children, groom their victims over time, they don’t kidnap them.

3. This eviction makes Aurora LESS safe

Two weeks ago, I spent three hours with Executive Director James Lukose and Wayside, and I can personally attest to just how seriously those sex offenders are supervised. Wayside offers an immersive faith-based program that puts these men in best possible position. Nothing will ever be perfect in this regard, but this is the best solution I’ve seen in 14 years of covering law enforcement.

4. But now they might be homeless!

So, Aurora! Are your children better off with 18 supervised sex offenders under the watchful eye of a ministry, or with 18 homeless sex offenders wandering the streets? Considering the issues involved, most landlords and no homeless shelters will take these men, so they may well end up on the street.

5. The Christian standard is a tough one!

This is what really frosts my flakes, and please remember, I’m only messenger! But the Christian standard is a lofty one to say the least, and the Bible’s quite clear about the least of our brothers and sisters, forgiveness, and that redemption or grace, is always available to everyone all the time. But I know this column will rile those “good” Aurora “Christians” to the point where they’ll insist that sex offenders should be executed.

Good Christians every one!

All I can say is, I can’t wait till you come face-to-face with your Christian God because I know exactly what He or She is going to ask you. And “I acted out of irrational fear” won’t get you through those gates.


Now that we’re clear, let’s move onto the folks who need to understand my point in ascending order!

1. To State’s Attorney Civil Division head Joe Lulves, ASA Erin Brady, & Aurora Attorney Rick Veenstra

We all know there’s the letter and spirit of the law, and when applied correctly, the spirit is always more effective than the letter. The three of you know damn well that putting these men on the streets, while politically expedient, makes no one safer. You also know this absurd sex offender law does absolutely nothing to protect anyone.

Trust me! No one knows better than me just how costly doing the right thing can be. But “I need this job because I have children” will in no way absolve you from that responsibility. So, this is a friendly warning about what’s to come if you persist in throwing these men to the wolves.

I do have a way with words!

2. Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman

Do I really need to remind you that a scant 15 years ago, most states enforced laws that made being gay illegal? And ten years ago, you wouldn’t have been appointed police chief of anywhere. So, now you’re blindly enforcing the “law” and only “following orders?” Isn’t that what every Nazi at the Nuremburg trials said?

3. Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin

To my black brother from another mother! To say we’ve fought like siblings while coming just short of blows would be the most massive of understatements. But it never gets that far because we never forget our vast love and appreciation for each other. At least you finally admitted I was instrumental in getting you elected Mayor.

But love and appreciation only go so far. If the City of Aurora unceremoniously kicks those men out of Wayside without another reasonable option, with the exception of one potential candidate, I will work gratis on behalf of any 2021 mayoral candidate who enjoys the capacity to see the same truth.

And of all of the people on this vast blue rock, you truly understand my skillset and my capacity to keep my promises.


Because, here’s the thing Dear Reader! During that meeting with Mr. Lukose, a true man of God, he and I worked out the kind of win-win negotiation that’s quite rare in this existence. Yes! It would require Wayside Board approval and it would take time to implement, but as Otto Von Bismarck one said, “Politics is the art of the possible.”

So, my fondest wish is that we all do the best thing for everyone involved. But I’m more than ready for the alternative!


4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – The Second District Appellate Court fails miserably!

  1. This is a good read. IThis uosets me because our mayor has no integrity. A town should be able to look uo to there mayor for being hoest and fair..He has failed. He in stead chooe to play dirty pool . So theres no looking up to him.

  2. Veenstra is running for full Circuit in DuPage. His daddy is mayor of Addison. He is running against a good guy but will probably be a judge no matter what. As Supreme Court Justice Thomas retailed and Mike Burke of the 2nd Appellate Court appointed time his spot so he can rule against them again. And now extra open judge spot in DuPage so if Veenstra loses he will be appointed to open seat and if he wins other judge will be appointed. Love how they all take care of each other

  3. Jeff I sure would like to discuss further with you. I am present at City Council and try to address some of the corruption. I worked very hard to stop the Wayside nonsense.

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