Quick Hits – November 7, 2023

Quick Hits – November 7, 2023

Since everything’s pretty much the same on the local front:

  • The Kane County board Democrats addiction to spending other people’s money means they’re raising taxes, including increasing the hyper-regressive gas tax.
  • The Kane County Republican Party still can’t field candidates, which begs the question, “Why do they exist?”
  • The Geneva and Batavia city councils are incapable of even spelling the word “priorities.”
  • Our school children continue to falter under the weight of the former COVID “mitigations.”
  • Progressives insist on believing they’re making the world better instead of worse.
  • Conservatives insist on making the world worse because that’s what they do.
  • And Donald Trump is going to jail.

let’s move on to the international stage because those journalists and pundits are consistently missing the point in a number of regards.

If the black people have already left…

Comedian D. L. Hughley does an hilarious bit on how “White people never know when to leave a building,” but black folks do. They’re “Out in the parking lot on time-and-a-half” while the white folks still inside are getting shot.

Comedian Bill Burr further explained we need friends of all races because they fill in the   knowledge gaps that would otherwise put us at risk. His theory was black folks need to teach Caucasians about skin moisturizer and Caucasians need to warn black rappers about the dangers of putting a loaded gun in a carryon bag.

Put those thoughts together and black folks need to educate their white compatriots on how to get while the getting’s good, with the exception of Brittney Griner, of course. Why? Look at what happened in Gaza.

Approximately 400 to 600 U.S. citizens finally made it out of the besieged enclave and into Egypt weeks after the current war started. And these Americans bitched endlessly about being “trapped” because the United States considered them “second-class citizens” and wouldn’t lift a finger to help them.

So, let’s review!

You’re living in a city-state “governed” by one of the most brutal terrorist organizations on the planet. And that organization, which has sworn to erase Israel from the map, regularly lobs rockets into their neighbor because they require constant global attention. Then, because they weren’t getting enough global attention, they attacked Israel from the land, sea, and air, taking hostages and murdering innocent children in the process.

And you still couldn’t figure out was time to leave? Be grateful I’m not the president because I would’ve left you there to rot.

This entitlement-minded BS where no one’s ever responsible for their truly bad choices only serves to bring the already low collective planetary IQ down even further. Until we allow people to fully understand the consequences of their bad decisions, their decisions will only get worse.

Meanwhile, all those evacuees need to go out and make some black friends.


But journalists are even WORSE!

If journalists can’t manage to unfurl this blatant kidnapping dynamic, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

After the aforementioned WNBA star Brittney Griner was arrested on trumped up drug charges and spent 10 months in a Russian prison, every American living in or visiting that country should’ve picked up and left – or just left.

But no! WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich thought he was immune to Vladimir Putin’s capricious disregard for human rights and he’s been sitting in a gulag awaiting his trial on espionage charges since March.

I wonder how that one’s going to end?

Not to be outdone, Alsu Kurmsheva, an American journalist with Radio Free Europe, was just detained in the southwest Russian city Kazan and charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. That’s an “offense” which carriers a 5-year prison sentence.

And the Russian oligarchy is so fond of Radio Free Europe, too! Who could’ve possibly predicted that outcome?

Kurmsheva claims she was in the country for a “family emergency,” but I don’t believe it because no journalist could be stupid enough to tempt the post-Gershkovich fates. She somehow convinced herself that it couldn’t happen to her – until it did.

You mean to tell me that the Russian are holding two U.S. journalists until they can extort another prisoner swap from us? Say it ain’t so!

While I can certainly sympathize with the families, who likely warned these two of the potential risks, once again, were I in charge, these two would be about 98th and 99th on my list of top 100 priorities.

If journalists can’t foresee the consequences of their misguided actions…


But journalists dying is even worse

I still get goosebumps thinking about Edward R. Murrow reporting live from London during the height of the 1941 Blitz. And it was photojournalists capturing the realities of the Tet Offensive that turned the tide of American opinion against the pointless Vietnam war. The image of the courageous war correspondent bringing the horrors of war home is as iconic as those marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi.

But that was long before we all had cameras in our back pocket, drones could reveal every battlefield aspect without risk to the operator, and military cameras captured in-progress battles for rapt Internet consumption.

Those abundant possibilities mean there’s no good reason for any journalist to unduly risk their lives in a war zone. Yet despite this new reality, a number of media outlets reported that 36 journalists and media workers have been killed covering Gaza since the outset of hostilities.

Why? Unless it’s some bizarre form of self-aggrandizing martyrdom there are innumerable Web videos currently depicting the brutality of total war. So, what purpose do those journalist deaths serve other than to increase the number of mourning families?

C’mon! Do we really need to see interviewers ask victims asinine questions like, “How do you feel now that your neighborhood is bombed out and your whole family’s been killed?”

Let’s just say, despite some readers’ requests, I won’t be going to the Middle East anytime soon.


Yes! It is anti-Semitism!

Jordan’s Queen Rania Al Abullah appeared on CNN this week calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, adding this caveat. “Let me be very, very clear. Being pro-Palestinian is not being antis-Semitic, being pro-Palestinian does not mean you’re pro-Hamas or pro-terrorism.”

Actually, I think it does. On all counts, too.

Of the 195 countries carving up this planet, which of them would be expected to opt for a cease fire with an opponent who(’s):

  • Dedicated to your country’s destruction regardless of any mitigating factor.
  • Chicago supporters carried huge “From the river to the sea” banners which are thinly veiled calls for the elimination of Israel.
  • Intentionally and brutally murdered young men and women enjoying a music festival.
  • Intentionally and brutally raped and murdered old women.
  • Takes hostages contravening every vestige of civilized decency.
  • Cowardly use their own people as human shields.
  • Cower in tunnels while their people are being bombed above them.
  • Destroy hospitals with their own rockets and blame Israel.

I can’t for the life of me understand why Israel is the only country on this crowded Earth that’s expected to take their foot off the neck of a barbaric attacker bent on nothing more than a second Holocaust. So, what is it that sets Israel apart from all of those other countries? Oh, yeah! It’s a predominantly Jewish state.

With no other possible answer, those abundantly unrealistic expectations have got to be the result of a deeply ingrained global ant-Semitism, and Queen Rania’s leading the rabid pack.


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  1. Jeff . . NO . . You are not correct . . If you are only listening to/ watching the State Department-controlled MSM I can see where you’re getting your disinformation . . . It seems the majority of the 1400 deaths on the 7th were actually from the IDF Stormtroopers who had shoot-to-kill orders, and killed everyone running away . . like the people at the music festival. Many Israeli citizens reported that fact . . the Israeli air force is dropping thousands of bombs and rockets on Gaza every day . . death toll is over 9000 Palestinians. . . at least a third children (not counting the dead, buried within the destroyed buildings) . . the Zionist and IDF Stormtroopers have a simple way to deal with Hamas . . . Kill everyone . . Probably some of those people might be members of the Hamas military forces . . . Bombing Hospitals might also kill a Hamas member or two . . . Dropping a 1000lb bomb on a refugee camp (twice) because they believed a Hamas commander was there is always a great PR opportunity . . Israel and the IDF Stormtroopers, are NOT able to contain the atrocities and War Crimes even though they are blocking internet communications out of Gaza . . I’ve been posting on your page . . you should actually watch some of the videos . . .

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