Quick Hits – January 29, 2016

Quick Hits – January 29, 2016

Rich Miller?

If, for some strange reason, you still need proof that Governor Rauner is utterly incapable of governing, look no further than his decision to respond to Capitol Fax publisher Rich Miller.

Rich Miller???? Rich Miller!!!!

He’s not drunk, he’s just drinking!

Why would anyone on God’s green earth want to justify that man’s  miserable existence by responding to an alcohol swilling, foul mouthed, can’t string two sentences together, short, hasn’t had an original insight in years, lout?

(Never mind that I’m an alcohol swilling, foul mouthed, tall, hasn’t had an original insight in years, lout, because we’re not talking about me. Oh! And I can string two sentences together.)

Bruce! Please take a page from the original Mayor Daley’s playbook. Whenever anyone asked him about Mike Royko’s latest column, Hizzonner would don a quizzical look and respond with a curt, “Mike who?” And Royko really respected him for that.

And BTW, Mr. Miller is no Mike Royko.

Giving Miller this kind of easy content only provides him an opportunity to do even less work than he already does. And when you consider that 95 percent of Capitol Fax content is co-opted newspaper articles, that’s really saying something.


He won’t spend a day in jail

I truly wish no further pain on the Hastert family because they’re not responsible for the former Speaker’s criminal acts.

CT  ct-met-hastert-horizontal-1114 redBut that doesn’t mean the fact that Denny Hastert won’t spend a scant day in jail doesn’t irk me to no end. Since this isn’t a Keith Farnham situation in which the former State Rep was actually convicted of possessing child porn, Hastert’s doctors will do whatever it takes to keep him at home.

And Denny still has enough clout to pull it off too.  Was he really that sick? Probably not!




If you mention her name too many times …

Just like Betelgeuse, if you mention State Senator Karen McConnaughay’s name too many times, the stories start coming out of the woodwork. And this one won’t surprise anyone who truly knows Her Highness well.

mcconnaughayIt would seem that the former Chairman’s imperious bearing has made it virtually impossible to hang on to staff, both here and in Springfield. To wit, if her subjects don’t offer 100 percent fealty and obeisance, much like Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, she shrieks “off with their heads.” Or in this particular case she likes to shout, “You work for me!!!”

And all it takes are the slightest of offenses like talking to another legislator, failing to dote on her every word, and actually having an outside life to make you disappear! What’s next Karen? No more bathroom breaks?

All I can say is, the kind of karma that will inevitably descend upon that woman will have to be epic.


The Aurora mayoral race is shaping up

I really like Aurora Alderman Richard Irvin because he’s a good guy who’s served his city well. But the only way he’s gonna win a City of Lights mayoral race is if he changes his last name to Gonzalez or he murders his opponents.

IrvinBefore you press the hate mail send button, please remember that I don’t make the rules, I just report ‘em.

So with Kane County Clerk Jack Cunningham threatening to jump into that race at every turn, State Rep Chapa LaVia may as well start working on her acceptance speech. An Hispanic woman against a black man and an old Republican white guy who couldn’t even win his own reelection?

The fat lady’s already sung on that one folks.




Kudos to Hanover Park

HPDIn an effort to prove that parking fines aren’t always about revenue, the City of Hanover Park and the HPD let folks to pay those $30 fines with ten food items throughout he Holiday season.

As a result, 127 people donated nearly a half-ton of food products. Way to go Hanover Park!







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