Patch sucks!

Patch sucks!

What!!?? An early Wednesday morning bonus for my diehard First Ward readers? Tell me how it gets any better than that!

In an ongoing effort to prove that some things DO disappear from the Internet, the local news outlets’ articles on my former legal misfortune recently reversed by the Illinois Second District Appellate Court are being removed one-by-one! Shaw Media (Kane County Chronicle) deleted theirs despite nary a request from myself or my attorney Jeff Meyer.

Paddock Publications (Daily Herald) was mildly more recalcitrant, but an email from Mr. Meyer convinced them that removing the reports wasn’t enough, they had to to remove the headlines, too. Oddly enough, Patch has been the fly in the expungement ointment. Not only have they refused to take the story on my malicious arrest at the hand of the Geneva Police down, but their appellate court follow up is nothing more than a thinly veiled hatchet job.

What do you expect from a “news outlet” whose business model is stealing stories from the local newspapers?

So, after a couple of attempts to convince Patch to do the right thing, unwilling to waste any more time on what amounts to fake journalists, I simply said I’d see them in court.  And that, Apparently, got their attention, because Patch’s attorney sent my attorney a lovely letter explaining why I had no grounds for a lawsuit. You can peruse that missive right here!

Amused by their absurdly bad intimidation attempt, I responded to Patch’s attorney thusly!

Holy crap! This means I’m doing more legal work than my bevy of attorneys combined!

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