Life is never dull in Kane County!

Life is never dull in Kane County!

I suppose that’s a good thing for a journalist, but to tell you the truth, after some of the stories we’ve covered lately, a small spate of ennui wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But moving on…

In yet another epic failure to learn from her mistakes, Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to bar Campton Hills Trustee Tim Morgan from taking his seat at tonight’s village board meeting.

And she did this despite her entire office being tainted by her open robocall support of Tim’s opponents in the 2023 consolidated election. Put more simply, when your boss openly endorses a candidate, it doesn’t just disqualify the boss, it disqualifies all of her minions from participating in any legal proceedings against that candidate’s opponent(s).

You’d think Ms. Mosser would know this because it’s basic law school Legal Ethics 101. Of course, she thinks she’s going to get around this conflict of interest by sending ASA Donald O’Brien to do her dirty, but it won’t! And you already know exactly what I think about questionable legal proceedings on the part of minions who are “Just following orders.”

I’ve scanned the 31-page TRO and associated complaint against Morgan and the KCSAO is essentially asking for more time to proceed with the quo warranto complaint. While that’s certainly a reasonable request, it doesn’t being to address that obvious conflict.

As expected, the “emergency” hearing will be in Kane County Judge Kevin Busch’s civil courtroom in downtown Geneva at 1:30 today (5/16/23). Attorney Jeff Meyer will be representing Mr. Morgan, and just to add a little more spice to the mix, I will be in attendance as well.

As you might imagine, it’s always a fascinating proposition whenever Judge Busch and this journalist are in the same room. I promise I’ll behave.

There will be much more to come, I’m sure.

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