Lance Bell is a flippin’ loon!

Lance Bell is a flippin’ loon!

In what was clearly a focused effort to prove this morning’s central column point, despite the posted sign prohibiting photographs, Kane County Republican chairman candidate Lance Bell just showed up at the Elgin Township Office polling place and immediately started taking pictures of the booths and the new voting machines. 

Please remember, we’re not talking about the general Caucasian Kane County rabble who give themselves swell gang names like “The Warriors” and “Three-Headed Eagle Alliance” just so they can play dress up on weekends. No! We’re talking about the Republican candidate for the highest office in Kane County acting like a complete and utter jackass – and breaking the law in the process. 

When the Republican election judges correctly protested, Bell started making a scene, arguing he had the right to take those pictures whether they liked it or not. Even after one of the judges retrieved the “No photographs allowed” sign from just outside the room, he petulantly demanded proof of whether it was a legal or county clerk prohibition. 

For reference purposes it’s both, with the statute banning voting booth photographs taking precedence – for all of the obvious reasons, of course! 

Then Bell continued to bitch about the voting machines, finally claiming they were a scam and he was going to prove it. Don’t forget that he’s running unopposed in the primary and he can’t lose. 

Having worked at the clerk’s office for two years, I already know the election judges are supposed to call the police or the sheriff whenever this kind of stupidity starts to unfold, but my source, who was in the polling place at the time, did not know if that was the case. 

And now we have yet another in an already long list of reasons not to vote for any Kane countywide Republican candidate. I hesitate to use this term, but sometimes it’s the only thing that works. Lance Bell is a fucking moron. 

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  1. so has Jack Cunningham been booted out of the party yet? No wonder DuPage and Kane are turning Democrat.
    Since I am old and a creature of habit I will pull a Republican ballot. i know write in law has changed i was going to write in Donald Duck but think I will write you in instead will piss them off more

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