Jamie Mosser needs to go!

Jamie Mosser needs to go!

Hypocrite: The man who murdered his parents, and then pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. – Abraham Lincoln

Alright class! Settle down. Today’s word is “juxtapose” as defined by Dictionary.com as, “To place close together or side by side, especially with an arresting or surprising effect, or in a way that invites comparison or contrast.”

Here’s an excellent example of “juxtaposition.”

Last week we discussed the SAFE-T/Pretrial Fairness Act at length and one of its biggest proponents was none other than our Kane County state’s attorney Jamie Mosser. She supported the possibility of cashless bail “reform” from the start and went as far as encouraging the Illinois Supreme Court to overrule the lower court’s decision to put it on hold.

And that stance comes as no surprise because, as the state’s attorney will readily attest, she fervently believes in second chances and the power of rehabilitation. But some might say that, on occasion, she’s taken it a bit too far.

If you recall, after one of her ASA’s couldn’t be bothered to read all of the paperwork, Mosser’s office essentially let a felony rape suspect go free. When the KCSAO attempted to redress the oversight by petitioning the court to increase his bail – via remote hearing – the defendant simply ignored the order.

Then there was the time that she and head public defender, Rachele Conant, conspired to undermine a three-year Kane County DUI case by judge shopping to illegally release the comatose defendant because “he has rights.” I don’t know about you, but I can remember a time when the term “officer of the court” actually meant something.

I would disagree with the folks who said Mosser was too lenient with the Batavia high schooler who’d documented elaborate plans to bomb said school, but I wasn’t one of them. No one asks to become seriously mentally ill.

Jamie Mosser

It was when Mosser provided her own office with a second chance by violating that young man’s probation on the basis of his parent’s radioactive Depression era dinnerware that I took offense. An insider told me the KCSAO somehow drafted “one of the worst plea agreements ever written” and they manufactured a “violation” to correct their error.

So, now that we’ve established state’s attorney Mosser’s penchant for providing second chances, it’s important to note the one glaring exception – Campton Hills village trustees.

Since May of last year, Mosser has been doing her best to remove trustee Tim Morgan from that seat based on a 20-plus-year-old Michigan felony DUI charge. That’s right! Despite Morgan fulfilling the terms of the sentence and towing the line since that bad decision, Mosser’s wasted almost a year’s worth of KCSAO time and taxpayer dollars pursuing the kind of inexplicable agenda that would make Herman Melville proud.

After attorney Jeff Meyer defeated an attempt to remove Morgan via emergency restraining order and Mosser insisted on pursuing this

Tim Morgan

pointless case anyway, 16th Circuit judge Kevin Busch wisely sent the issue up to the Second Appellate court where it was likely headed for review anyway.

But as is their penchant, those justices refused to hear it, sending it right back to Kane County where Mosser continues to pursue it with more zeal than a felony rapist, a chronic drunk driver, and writing a reasonable plea agreement.

Considering that a felon can run for Illinois Constitutional offices like sheriff, governor, and state’s attorney, Meyer contends in court filings:

If that is the case, then Illinois law creates two classes of people with different rights: felons who completed their sentence and can run for constitutional office and felons who completed their sentence and are barred from running for the very municipal offices created by the legislature whose members may include felons that have completed their own sentences.

And that violates the equal protection clause of the Fourth Amendment.

Meyer also argued that, since Morgan successfully completed his Michigan sentence and could serve in any office there, his “restoration of rights” under Illinois statute equally applies here. But while Mosser agrees that Morgan would be eligible to run in Michigan, she somehow argues it doesn’t apply here.  

So, as this endless legal battle continues on March 21 in Judge Busch’s courtroom (I’ll be there), Mosser still has the nerve to tell the county board she needs more staff due to an ever-increasing caseload. But when you’re the one who’s creating the problem …

This is the point at which I could add a trademark First Ward summation, but let’s let Mr. Meyer handle it this time. To quote him directly:

It is incredible to me that the State’s Attorney is prosecuting this. Our position is if you want to be a governor, a state legislator, a judge, or even the state’s attorney herself, you get a second chance. If you want to be a village trustee in Campton Hills, apparently, you don’t. There is no rational basis for the distinction.

Though I believe there’s a deeper issue involved here, the simple answer for Mosser’s obsessive pursuit of Morgan is she stridently supported the opposition board slate right on up to making robocalls for those candidates. The photo adjoining this column shows their signs on her front lawn, too. That means, at a minimum, Mosser is trying to overturn an election result that greatly displeased her which is what we call a gross abuse of power.

Regardless of what’s behind this witch hunt, it’s just more evidence that it’s time for Jamie Mosser to go. 

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  1. As to the alderman with a Michigan I believe that the full faith and credit clause of the US Constitution requires Illinois to allow him to run for office. If his rights restored there they are restored here.
    An example, Illinois restores a felon’s right to vote when his sentence is complete. Florida does not restore right to vote on a felony conviction. But, if a person convicted of a felony in Illinois completes his sentence and his right to vote is restored and he moves to Florida he has every right to register and vote in Florida even with an Illinois felony conviction. Since his right to vote is restored Florid cannot take it away. Same thing here with the Michigan restoration, Illinois has no right to take away a restored right.

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