Don’t teachers have enough on their plates?

Don’t teachers have enough on their plates?

It’s stipulation time one more time! I bet you can’t wait!

Let’s start with, while I’ve lost a great deal of respect for most teachers as a result of their cowardly and lazy COVID-19 response, that doesn’t mean I’ve lost any appreciation for the inherent difficulty of the profession itself

And please don’t forget! My wife is a middle school math teacher.

Second, I’m probably even more tired of writing about failed 65th District State Rep candidate, Martha Paschke, than you are of reading about her. But our newest State’s Attorney employee’s persistent progressive assaults on our school system cannot go unanswered.

Appearing before the Geneva D304 school board for the 397th time, Paschke argued that our teachers were woefully lacking in LBGTQ diversity training and they should immediately be brought up to speed on using the student approved gender pronouns – particularly on school paperwork!

We’ve already covered the fact that I can barely keep track of all the shit I have to keep track of now, and preferred pronouns are never gonna make that list. If every sub-five percent minority demanded this kind of special treatment, we’ll have to carry a slew of scorecards around for fear of the Cancel Culture descending upon us like a pack of wild hyenas.

Not to mention that if this pronoun bullshit continues, I’m gonna ask you bleeps to refer to me as “Your Highness,” “Your Excellency,” or “Grand Poobah,” whatever the bleep that is. This is nothing more than a form of bullying I like to call “the tyranny of the minority.”

Furthermore, if a perceived “misused” pronoun is all it takes to destroy your day, not only do you have it better than 99 percent of the people on this planet, but you have a slew of other serious issues you really oughtta deal with first.

Considering the always fun fallout from my “stellar” journalistic career, I’m thrilled if someone refers to me with less that four epithets. C’mon! This pronoun bullshit is a solution in search of a problem that goes right back to the “look at me, look at me, look at me” phenomenon that’s all the rage right now.

I just spoke with a 14-year counselor/teacher who works in a very liberal major metropolitan school district. She told me, in all that time, just one student has approached her with this issue and it was because he wanted to change his first name to the feminine version. And they did! Pronouns have never been mentioned.

Don’t teachers have enough on their perpetually spinning plates already? It’s bad enough that parents fully expect educators to raise their children, but between Springfield and progressives like Paschke, now they have to be social justice warriors, too?

Uh uh!

Oh! And the massive irony here is, the way progressives and Trump supporters rage about the same silly social issues proves they’re just the flip sides of the same intolerant coin. The truth is, while we were busy arguing with each other over stupid shit, our sons and daughters decided they couldn’t give a rat’s ass about who someone loves, their skin color, their ethnicity, or their religion.

And there’s no going back now.

But no! Just like their rabid rightwing counterparts, progressives insist upon making an individual’s sexuality the center of everything and it’s particularly sickening when Paschke does it with her minor children. It actually makes my skin crawl.

At the same board meeting, Paschke claimed that, while teachers were generally great about all of this, “Most of the bad stuff is happening in the hallways and the busses.” Call me crazy, but if you insist on broadcasting your child’s unique sexuality at every turn, doesn’t that open them up to exactly the kind of bullying you’re constantly bitching about?

Then she proceeded to blame D304 teachers for that, too! Please tell me, exactly how are “preferred pronouns” going to change anything?

Most children want nothing more than to blend in with their middle and high school peers so they can endure those tough adolescent years and move on. And any child that insists on publicly pushing the sexuality envelope, particularly in bleepin’ middle school, is only doing it for the vast amount of attention it inevitably provides.

The persistent truth is, not only do I fail to give the fleetest of flying fucks about your sexuality, but I don’t want to have to hear about it, either. Most of us are similarly uninterested. Again, my fervent belief is it’s the content of your character that defines you and nothing else really matters.

But the biggest problem with Paschke’s preposterous progressive propensities is they drive those all-important middle-of-the-road voters right back into Donald Trump’s waiting arms. And the last thing this liberal (not progressive) wants to see is the Grand Cheeto back in the Oval Office.

And that’s the real issue, isn’t it? To semi-quote the great Colonel Jessup “Deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want Trump on that wall — you need Trump on that wall.” Without Trump, progressives have almost no power and their addiction to bullying and controlling every aspect of our lives relegates them to lunatic fringe status.

So, they’re doing absolutely everything they can to bring their favorite bogeyman back.

The only good news here is, much like eventually getting used that mosquito incessantly buzzing in your ear, Paschke has busted the school board’s balls so often that they simply ignore her. And they should ignore this bullshit, too.

I’ll say it again, can’t we just let teachers teach, and can’t we let our children be children just a little bit longer?

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