Darth Madigan is Speaker No More!

Darth Madigan is Speaker No More!

With 69 out of a possible 73 Democratic votes, Hinsdale State Rep. Chris Welch officially became the 70th Speaker of the Illinois House. And my good friend, attorney, and frequent DOA Podcast co-host Jeff Meyer had the temerity to say it wasn’t gonna happen.

Trust me! I fully understand why he thought the only way the Speaker would ever be removed from that role was on a gurney with that gavel firmly ensconced in his rigor mortis-bound right hand. As a lifelong Illinoisan, I can’t remember a time when Madigan wasn’t speaker.

And while I certainly welcome this long overdue move, and I might just step outside to take a deep 35.5-degree breath of boss-less air, let’s not go crazy. The heavens aren’t about to open up, they’ll be no angelic choir, and no heavenly host will descend from on high anytime soon.

There won’t even be a parade.


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