Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in America – again!

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head in America – again!

The First Ward generally doesn’t take on national news, much less the international variety, but it’s time to make an exception because our overly “woke” compatriots are at it again. Ain’t it funny how progressives love to rail at all manner of perceived prejudice, but they’re completely oblivious to the bigotry they spew on a regular basis.

And their brand of anti-Semitism is no laughing matter.

I’ve never been a fan of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because it isn’t really all that good (give me Grahams in Geneva, Illinois, every time), it’s just another proximate cause of our absurd obesity epidemic, and former owners and current board members Cohen and Greenfield are two of the biggest faux liberal hypocrites on the planet.

Ben & Jerry’s is a polluter, their farmers use the most destructive pesticides, they pay their dairy farmers less that it costs to produce milk forcing the taxpayer to bail them out, their franchises don’t pay their staff and use child labor, and until they were recently called out for it, they imported cocoa from African plantations roundly condemned for using 8-year-old slave labor.

Apparently, with nowhere left to turn, now that Vermont company is fanning the flames of global anti-Semitism. What a shock!

Yes! Ben and Jerry’s just issued a worldwide proclamation in which they vowed to never sell another pint of ice cream in the “occupied Palestinian territories.” Be still my beating heart! With the Palestinian unemployment rate at 50 percent and a 50 percent poverty rate, most of ‘em couldn’t afford to buy ice cream of any kind.

Oh! But they will keep selling their products in Israel proper because an embargo there would actually hurt their bottom line.

Spurred on by progressive prejudice and idiot millennials who think history is something you learn on Facebook, this is just the latest move by the growing brand of anti-Semites who wrap their bigotry up in a self-righteous anti-Zionism.

Look! I don’t nearly agree with all of Israel’s policies including, but not nearly limited to the treatment of Palestinians in the few remaining occupied territories. But if you compare how Israel treats their Arab citizens to how the Arab countries treat theirs, it’s no contest.

But let’s address the territorial issue first!

Sorry Millennials, but there has NEVER been a country called “Palestine.” There was a Roman province by that name, but that strip of land has always belonged to whatever empire – Persian, Byzantine, Ottoman, etc. – that was in power at the time. The irony, of course, being, it’s the Jews who’ve been occupied time and time again. As far as tenure goes, the Jews settled that land thousands of years before the first Muslim walked the planet.

A current insipid Net memes purports to show how much land has been “stolen” from the Palestinians in the 20th Century, but it’s a load of horse manure because the 1947 map shows the UN’s proposal for a two-state solution which the Palestinians rejected outright. It wasn’t the best division of territory, but had they accepted it, the Jews would’ve essentially been relegated to the Negev Desert.

Instead, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, the Palestinians, supported by their Arab neighbors, took up arms in 1948 and they lost. Then the same Arab countries took up arms in 1956 and they lost. They took up arms again in 1967 and they were defeated in the Six-Day War. Do I really need to remind you about 1973?

PLO leader Yasser Arafat repeatedly refused to accept a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as his capital and Hamas won’t even consider the possibility. Just like Squad member Ilhan Omar recently chanted with protestors, their motto is “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” the thinnest of veiled threats calling for the complete destruction of Israel.

Another vast irony that’s completely lost on progressives and doomed-to-repeat-history Millennials is, despite being surrounded by sworn Arab enemies who insistently call for their extinction, Israel’s Arab citizens have far more rights than Arab citizens have in their own countries. Israeli Palestinians can move freely throughout the country, they can assemble and protest, they can form pro-Palestinian organizations, and they can vote, run for the Knesset, and even become judges.

Meanwhile, Egypt massacres pro-democracy protesters and Christians, the Saudi Arabian government treats women like crap and quells dissent with an iron first, Syria has descended into a sectarian quagmire, and do I really need to mention those fine leaders in Iran and Iraq?

Gaza tortures and kills homosexuals, women can’t go out alone without permission from a “male guardian,” they torture and kill dissenters, Hamas steals land from their own people, and their security forces just beat peaceful protestors whose simple slogan was, “We want to live.”

So, these are the people progressives are willing to hang their hats on? It’s getting to the point where the word hypocrisy is losing all meaning.

Was it an utterly unnecessarily provocation for Israel to take those six West Bank homes that set off the recent conflagration? You bet it was! But that, in no way, justifies Hamas firing 4,000 rockets into Israel! And Israel, like any other country, has a right to defend themselves despite Hamas consistently placing their rocket launchers in civilian neighborhoods.

When you add up all the evidence, just like it is with progressive and Millennials, Ben & Jerry’s bizarre boycott move is just the latest blow in what’s been a centuries long American litany of individual and corporate anti-Semitism.

And it’s time to call it out exactly for what it is!

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