Another one!

Another one!

So, there I was, sitting in my home office at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, diligently writing up my Rolling Stones concert review, when, you guessed it! The power went off again. This time for about 20 seconds.

If you’re keeping track like I am, that brings Geneva’s west side outages to eight in less than 30 days, which has gotta be some sort of record. And that’s really saying something when you consider our previous Geneva summer electric issues.

By “outages” I mean a day where the power goes off at least once. If I added up each separate failure, that total would come out to approximately 20. I’d be willing to bet that other areas of the city have been similarly affected, too.

It appeared as if we lost another Alexa to this newest pause, but not only did I manage to coax it back to life, I had similar success with the previously reported malfunctioning smart speaker. That means our total losses are back down to one $10 smart bulb, which ain’t bad considering, but at the rate we’re going, it’s only a matter of time before there’s more device damage.

All that said, we weren’t out of the woods yet. Despite being fully backed up on the Onedrive, I somehow lost two documents, which really kind of sucked.

The first was my current column file containing notes and reference information for future possibilities. The columns themselves are already on the Net so those pre-publication drafts weren’t important. The irony there is, if the City of Geneva actually planned that “attack” it would be hilarious.

The second loss was my entire spreadsheet sports betting history which really hurt. I use that data to determine trends, regression to the mean, and whether I’m making progress or not.

Call me crazy, but, short of a hack, I thought Cloud storage was foolproof, but those out-in-the-ether documents were every bit as corrupted as my PC iterations. As far as I can tell, the power must’ve gone out at exactly the time they were being written to that hard drive in the sky.

Sadly, all of my recovery attempts failed, too. 

Considering that Cloud revelation and the reality that there’s no end to this absurd Third World problem in sight, I purchased an $80 UPS backup to forestall further losses and protect my PCs. My plan is to bill the City for it, too. I’ll let you know how that prospect turns out. 

Given the number of outages, it’s become abundantly clear that, unless we’ve encountered a spate of suicidal wildlife, that insipid ComEd excuse doesn’t hold water. And storms? It was dead calm with a light drizzle Wednesday morning, hardly the stuff of meteorological legend. 

That means, I am, once again, calling on Geneva Mayor Burns, our illustrious city council, and especially City Manager Stephanie Dawkins, to make this issue a PRIORITY and FIX IT once and for all. And that starts with the blatantly obvious proposition that ComEd is giving you a line, and sadly, it ain’t the power variety. I’d rather be forced to have to have to hear about the Geneva Police letting the Mayor go on another DUI, than have to put up with these lame excuses.

If this issue isn’t adequately addressed in the reasonably foreseeable future, unlike it with our power situation, you can count on me writing about it every time the power goes out. 


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