The First Ward Report – “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong” Part 2!

To recap previous events, my good from Ken Menzel accurately stipulated that, “Feelings and self-righteousness trump facts now. Facts are merely social constructs in the service of the racist heteronormative phallocentric patriarchy,” and we’re in the process of proving that postulate by completely dismantling the local progressive’s arguments against my application of seventh grade coronavirus math!


So, let’s proceed!

2. Governor Pritzer is doing a great job!

And progressives have the nerve to say Trump supporters define the term blind loyalty. Let’s start with the indisputable fact that over 50 percent of Illinois coronavirus casualties have come in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

In fact, Bria accounts for 27 of the 29 Geneva COVID-19 deaths, and their case count now stands at a criminally reckless 153, up 31 from when we first covered that travesty a month ago. Nursing home residents aren’t exactly tearing up the aisles at Meyer, either, rendering the whole social distancing debate quite moot.

Of course, J.B. immediately launched an inquiry, ordered the Attorney General’s Office to prepare charges, and shut the worst facilities down, right? Nope! He put recovering COVID-19 hospital patients in those very same nursing homes, instead!

Harkening back to point one, exactly what has the Governor done to improve health care possibilities in our inner-city neighborhoods? The answer to that question would be “absolutely nothing,” because black folks continue to needlessly die from a lack of medical resources.

3. The new models predict further pandemic havoc

Yes! Just like the old models did! If we throw senior citizens to the wolves, take absolutely no precautions, and always assume the worst, it could get really bad. But it won’t because it never does.

Remember when California was gonna have 26 million coronavirus cases, Chicago was going to see 40,000 “serious” hospitalizations, and we’d have a million nationwide deaths by now? But none of it happened, did it?

And yet, the press and the progressive the progressive throng will lap up the very next prediction of impossible dire consequences in a heartbeat.

4. MRSA deaths don’t matter

This one that really frosts my cookies! If progressives don’t simply ignore the fact that 99,000 Americans die each year from secondary hospital infections like MRSA, they rationalize those pointless deaths in all the best Stalin-esque ways!

To quote a local nurse who works with COVID patients, “Hospitals test for MRSA and people can get it at work or at school, so it’s not just hospitals.”

Oh! So the fact that 99,000 people vanish every year because long-term care facilities can’t be bothered to clean and disinfect correctly is immaterial when compared to a one-time pandemic? That’s good to know! Apparently if those deaths take place at the hands of health care concerns its all right. And hospitals simply consider any secondary infection death lawsuits to be the cost of doing business.

5. Shutdowns have no consequences

If is weren’t for the MRSA issue, his fascinating omission would easily come in first place in the progressive pantheon of preposterous hypocrisy. “Not one more coronavirus death,” they shriek, while showing absolutely no concern for the inevitable despair driven suicides, alcohol and substance abuse deaths, and mental health issues caused by these prolonged and pointless shutdowns.

Not to mention the businesses that will ever come back. When I explained that restaurants were dying at a record pace, a progressive’s flip answer was, “They can do carry out!” When I further informed them that Rick Bayless’ popular Frontera Grill locations had to lay off 225 people because pandemic carry out orders accounted for just 20 percent of their total business, they suddenly went silent.

They wouldn’t admit they were wrong because they never are!

6. What’s your plan?

When you finally throw in the you-can’t-fight-pandering-illogic-with-facts towel, and you ask the question, “OK, my progressive friend, then what’s the plan? How long do we stay shut down, how do we take care of the folks unduly affect by this unnatural shelter-in-place, and how do we mitigate the tremendous economic damage, you get the kind of look you get when you tell Donald Trump Finland isn’t a part of Russia.

Progressives just love to live in the moment until the moment doesn’t work and then they blame the “status quo!”

So, no! The fact that you firmly believe whatever you’ve been thinking for the last five minutes is the truth doesn’t make it the truth. And the fact you fall prey to the same mindset the Trump supporters you loathe, makes you so much worse because you think you’re so much better.

And however hard you might try, you can’t cancel that!


(I will be taking Friday off!)

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