Your First Ward Roving Reporter – Back on track!

Your First Ward Roving Reporter – Back on track!

I wuz gonna take today off, particularly if the most recent numbers were troubling, but since they reinforce the prevailing downward trend, let’s take a quick look:

Date     Total Cases     % Increase

3/17           161
3/18           288              78 percent
3/19          422               46.5 percent
3/20          585               37 percent
3/21          753               29 percent
3/22       1,049              39 percent
3/23       1,285              22.5 percent
3/24       1,535              19.5 percent
3/25       1,865              21.5 percent
3/26       2,538              37 percent
3/27       3,026              19 percent

So, yes! Reported coronavirus cases are still increasing in Illinois, but, because Shelter in Place is working, the rate of transmission continues to decelerate and the curve continues to flatten.

Facts Not Fear

The daily differences in those percentages may also be decreasing, but as we’ve already discussed, those small changes will come back in the form of much larger dividends later.

The recent numbers also mean that, unless there’s a change in coronavirus containment strategy, we’re in this for the long haul.

Illinois also reports 34 coronavirus deaths bringing our mortality rate – for people who had the virus – to 1.1 percent, a very small tick upward. Beware, that this is a lagging indicator which may soon move upward.

Here are the applicable new national case numbers:

New York           46,242
New Jersey         8,825
California            4,905
Washington        3,700
Michigan             3,657
Massachusetts   3,240
Florida                3,198
Illinois                 3,026
Louisiana            2,746

Please note that Illinois, with our reported case flattening curve, has dropped to 8th place on the “leader board,” which is a really good short-term sign, especially when you consider Chicago’s population density.

And I say “short-term” because we’re all connected and if other states don’t keep the lid on this, it will eventually come back to bite us.

My fondest wish is that today’s number is equally encouraging. Please! Keep up the good work!

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  1. Would you really have taken “The day off” if the numbers didn’t support the containment strategy?
    Either way I feel the strategy is worthwhile in the long run.
    Keep up the honest reporting

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