Your First Ward Roving Reporter – Good news!

This is your First Ward Roving Reporter with some good news!
So let’s get right to it! The statistical trend we discussed yesterday has, so far, proven to be no fluke. And BTW, I did make an error in that piece. My medical source and I talked early Friday morning, which means we discussed the Wednesday to Thursday coronavirus numbers, not the Thursday to Friday stats as appeared to be the case.
But thankfully that doesn’t change the Illinois theory:
Date      Total Cases     % Increase
3/18           288
3/19           422               46.5 percent
3/20           585               37 percent
3/21           753               29 percent
If you recall, March 19 was the first day Illinois coronavirus cases didn’t double, or hit the 50 percent increase mark. Now, we’re not even coming close to that magic number, which is a really good sign that’s buoying the hearts and spirits of Illinois medical providers everywhere.
Facts Not Fear
Though, I certainly don’t wish ill on anyone, for reference purposes, it’s important to note that we’re doing far better than California and New York in this containment regard.
PLEASE DON’T get me wrong, as one reader insisted on doing yesterday. I am not advocating for anyone to run down Randall Road kissing random strangers in celebration! We need to continue to be vigilant and diligent in fighting the spread of this disease! But what these kinds of percentage decreases mean is, unless there’s some radical chance going forward, we’ll be back to Vargo’s Dance classes sooner rather than later.
So, why are containing the coronavirus better than those other states? I fervently believe there’s something a bit saner about Midwesterners, and particularly my Chicago metropolitan area compatriots.
If you go back as far as I do, you’ll most certainly recall watching those long 1973 gas station lines on the evening news. We called it the “Energy Crisis,” but it was actually an OPEC oil embargo.
But the fascinating thing was, given the eminently calmer nature of Midwesterners, there were no such lines in Illinois. We simply chose not to panic!
Some of you also mentioned these case numbers might be a bit off due to a lack of widespread coronavirus testing. Though there’s certainly something to be said for that, the “reported” and more serious cases should be our main concern, because they’re the ones that, left unchecked, might overwhelm our ICU beds.
As long as we continue to practice effective social distancing, it doesn’t matter who has the coronavirus, the number of transmissions will continue to decrease which will, as everyone’s saying, “flatten the curve.” And those percentage decreases will pay much larger dividends later.
I also want to thank all the concerned readers who admonished me for going to Meijer, Trader Joe’s and Walgeens in just two days. Per one reader’s suggestion, today I will maintain a virtual Roving Reporter presence, the height of which will be a two mile walk with my lovely wife and the doggies.
Meanwhile, just as I said yesterday, let’s “keep up the good work!”

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