Quick Hits – September 9, 2019

Everything is awesome in Geneva!

We have a drug dealer in our Geneva, Illinois, south Fisher Farms neighborhood. Welcome to white suburbia, right? It’s easy to discern that by the ten to fifteen cars lining up on Husking Peg Lane every other week for a very short visit to one particular residence.

It’s not the first time we’ve had a dealer in the mix and it probably won’t be the last. Geneva has a massive drug problem that will eventually hit the tipping point such that it can no longer be ignored.

Call the Geneva Police, you say? Right! A group of neighbors, myself included, did just that for the previous iteration of this scourge and they wouldn’t even bother to come out. The Sheriff’s Office would’ve been a far better option, and that’s exactly what I’ve advised the folks in closer proximity to this dealer do.

Simply tell the 911 dispatcher the Geneva Police refuse to do anything about it and those deputies will be more than happy come out. The truth is, local law enforcement agencies take a very dim view of the GPD’s lack of competence, though they don’t quite put it the same way.

In fact, those Husking Peg neighbors have basically begged the Geneva Police to do something about this problem for well over a year and all they’ve gotten is lip service. “We’ll increase patrols,” is their insistent response, but I haven’t seen a GPD patrol car in our neighborhood for well over six months.

So, finally fed up with this untenable situation, one neighbor finally called Chief Eric Passarelli and Mayor Kevin Burns insisting that something finally be done. But all the Chief said was that they’re aware of the problem and they’d increase patrols. I don’t know if Mayor Burns responded, but I’m sure it wasn’t any better if he did.


Geneva Police Chief Eric Passarelli

I suppose I should’ve warned her that calling the Mayor would be pointless, because he’s the one behind this Laissez-Faire drug dealer attitude.

A number of former aldermen and sources inside the department have told me for years that keeping “bad news” from the press is the Mayor’s prime directive. You see, if they arrested this blatantly obvious drug dealer, there would be a police report. And if there was a police report, the local papers would pick up on it. And if the local press picked up on it, then everything wouldn’t be awesome in Geneva.

To wit, I FOIAd all the potential police reports in close proximity to that house for the last two years, and despite dozens of calls from my neighbors there wasn’t a single one. Imagine that!

Some years ago, a Kane County Public Defender told me her attorney husband was threatened with a knife in the process of resolving a minor fender bender, and when he insisted the GPD do something about it, they threatened to arrest him if he didn’t let it go.

I didn’t believe her when she told me that story, but I certainly do now!


Dahleen Glanton strikes again!

As if John Kass wasn’t bad enough! Former Tribune columnist Bob Greene may have written well over 100 columns on Baby Richard (Look it up!), but Dahleen Glanton is clearly doing her damndest to surpass that mark with regard to the Lake County Five as they’re now being referred to.

For those readers living under a rather large rock, six African-American teenagers drove from Chicago to Lake County in a stolen SUV in an effort to commit burglaries and steal more vehicles. During a theft attempt, they ran into a 75-year-old homeowner who shot and killed a 14-year-old boy as he moved towards the house with a knife. The group then led police on a 120-mph chase all the way back to Chicago, only stopping when they ran out of gas.

As the Illinois forcible felony statute allows, the five surviving youths were charged with first degree murder because, if not for their collective actions, their friend would still be alive.  Though I have absolutely no problem with that additional charge, a 20-to-life sentence is more than a little overkill.

Meanwhile, as often as twice a week, Glanton has been writing that no murder charge was reasonable, and column inch by column inch, she’s “rehabilitating” these felons while making the homeowner look something like the second coming of Charles Bronson.

And today’s Tribune piece was no exception.

Apparently, Glanton spoke with one of the fathers who made the effort to get custody of his son and moved him out to Oglesby, Illinois, because, “He was getting into trouble and I wanted to nip it in the bud.” That’s what we call good parenting.

But then, because his son was “bored,” he inexplicably let him go back to the same neighborhood for three weeks during summer vacation and now his son faces life in prison. We all make mistakes as parents, but this one’s a rea. doozy.

Then this kid tells his father he was asleep in the back of the SUV when the shooting started and both he and Glanton completely bought it. Really? This group is out stealing cars at 2 a.m. while the “bored” one simply sleeps in the back seat?

But what really frosts my cookies about all of this is this kind of minority pandering is so much worse than the worst kind of white supremacist bigotry. Think about it! These panderers implicitly assume that black folks and other minorities are incapable of taking care of themselves or doing the right thing. And to be patronized on that gargantuan level would make me absolutely livid. That’s the heart of the argument that defended slavery!

Silly me! I happen to believe that minorities are eminently capable to doing quite well without my help.

In the end, I’d rather focus on this boy’s father, who may have made a mistake, but quickly owned up to that lapse. He got himself out from under drugs and jail to make a better life for himself outside those difficult Chicago neighborhoods and tried to take his son with him.

I truly hope it works out for him in the end.

8 thoughts on “Quick Hits – September 9, 2019

  1. He is waiting for January 1 and then will tax the hell out of it.

    If you are really serious call the North Central Task Force. they even have a tip line.

    The North Central Narcotics Task Force (NCNTF) is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task force dedicated to serving our communities & member agencies through the investigation of illicit drug trafficking and distribution, gang activity, and weapon offenses within Kane County, McHenry County, and DeKalb County, Illinois

    • Jim,

      I could simply call Ron Hain, too! But I’d rather embarrass the Geneva Police into finally doing the fucking right thing. And considering what the neighbors have described, I don’t think it’s just weed. There are far too many sources for that!


  2. Jeff,

    As it has always been with people in power. They pick and choose what to look into and what not to look into. If someone in a position of power that is related to his or her job, action happens. Just like me and you, we are just taxpayers that have to pay and there is no repercussion for the police, State’s Attorney office or other law enforcement agencies NOT to assist.

    We are slaves to taxes that are paid no matter what and no ones job performance is related to his or her pay from tax dollars, just possibly an election.

    To many stories that I read where someone is involved or a victim of a crime and no one steps up to the plate to do what is right. It’s by choice and that’s why people have lost trust in the system.

    • John,

      I understand the police have discretion as to what to pursue and not pursue, and I generally encourage them to use it. But this is case where I know why they won’t do anything about it, and considering how blatant this one has been, sucks.

      And now the GPD and/or their lackeys are trying to counterattack me with my heinous, yet bogus, criminal history. But they can go ahead and put that on their own blog and not mine!


  3. The exact reason I don’t live in Geneva anymore. You are worried about one drug dealer in a whole town?! Happy I grew up there but didn’t become a Genevian.

  4. Must be the playbook for the whole town. Funny how the names of 18 year old GHS students are never reported in the police reports like they are in surrounding towns. Especially for drug offenses that are committed at school or during school events.

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