Quick Hits Breaking News – Joe McMahon is Not Running

A number of sources just told me that Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon called his senior staff into his office this afternoon to announce he’s not running for reelection.


It’s really no surprise because his heart and head have never been in this gig. Always on the lookout for fame and glory, he’s the epitome of the absentee boss.

Some folks say he’s aiming for associate judge, but really? The guy who was never in the office suddenly wants to work weekends, be perpetually on call, and do weddings? Nope!

What this means is chief felony prosecutor Bill Engerman will likely run in his place and Engerman has more skeletons in his closet that Hannibal Lechter. Trust me, it will be a very fascinating proposition

We’ll delve into this a lot more in tomorrow’s Quick Hits!

8 thoughts on “Quick Hits Breaking News – Joe McMahon is Not Running

  1. Jeff you really shouldn’t believe everything your buddy Lauzen says about McMahon. Maybe Joe is just sick and tired of the chairman’s bull crap. Joe has done a great job as SA and he will be missed.

    • For all the reasons I’ve enumerated with my own investigative skills, Joe McMahon may go down as the worst KCSAO in history.

      And what do you think the nail in his electoral coffin was, Robert? Could it be the AG ruling that I will get 255 pages of sexual harassment complaints against just one prosecutor?

      You’re a typical Republican bleep who supports people who have no moral center because they make you feel good. Go talk to all the women who quite the SAO because Joe would do NOTHING to stop the harassment.

  2. Is Joe worse than Meg Gorecki?

  3. Mrg was Great..Joe was Great…and Jeff will be greater..!

  4. Bye Joe…Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

  5. And word to the lesser wise Bill Engerman, Get out while the gettin’ is good. Don’t poke your head up for election..Stay away.

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