Quick Hits Postponed!

Due to spending the majority of my morning in immediate care as a result of a toe fracture that goes right through the base joint, I did not have time to write today. You’d think a 60 year-old would’ve finally figured out how to navigate the garage without running into the pickup truck’s parking block in bare feet, but no!


And the irony is, despite a plethora of previously broken bones, this is the most painful injury I’ve had to endure!

But not to fear dear reader, because you’re in for a real treat! Here’s chapter two of the eminently forthcoming ‘So You Want to Win a Local Election. Enjoy!

Chapter 2 – Win-A-Local-Election

We’ll be back on Monday with a fascinating two to three part series on sexual harassment in middle school!

5 thoughts on “Quick Hits Postponed!

  1. Perhaps God was not too fond of your last posting.
    It has been said God works in mysterious ways. First a toe as a warning then maybe a finger to slow your typing down.

  2. You know, you really need to be more careful now that you’ve entered the ranks of the elderly.

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