Quick Hits – The return of the rabble!

And this time, that Wednesday evening Elgin City Council throng spilled well out into the hallway perhaps marking the largest congregation to which that governing body has ever played host.

Of course, the catalyst for that kind of capacity crowd was yet another effort on the part of a small but vociferous Elgin group intent on seeing Elgin Police Lieutenant Chris Jensen twist in the wind just a little bit more.

I can’t imagine I have to remind anyone that Jensen is currently on administrative leave while Kim Foxx and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office continue their review of the March 2018 I-90 shoulder shooting death of DeCynthia Clements.

Clements Jensen

Ironically, the folks who claim Jensen violated Clements’ civil rights and due process want to “redress” the situation by depriving Jensen of his. It’s a fascinating flight of hypocritical fancy. Regardless of the massive lawsuit that would inevitably ensue, they want Jensen fired now because it would make them feel better.

Isn’t that exactly what we’ve become? A bunch of third-grade whiners who fervently believe that government’s sole purpose is to cater to our every whim and temper tantrum? The fact that the same pastors keep showing up to regularly rend their garments and prove just how unchristian they really are truly frosts my flakes, too.

I guess anyone can claim they’re a “clergyman” these days and any minister who prefaces their name with the term “Trueprophet” clearly is not. But I digress!

This time, the anti-Jensen rabble turned out in uniform consisting of t-shirts emblazoned with the officer’s stylized name surrounded by a circle and slash. C’mon! Couldn’t they be a little more creative? How about a depiction of Jensen with a noose squarely around his neck hanging from the top of the Tower Building?

That’s what y’all really want, right?

When Elgin police union attorney, Tim O’Neil told the council they shouldn’t be issuing public proclamations about Jensen until the remaining investigations were complete. He added that they should avoid “a premature, hasty decision by some government officials who represent the city to judge and condemn Chris Jensen’s distinguished career based on their opinion and conjecture based on a small snippet of video.”

Of course, Councilman Corey Dixon, who never misses an opportunity to resort to pandering, responded, “I’m here to serve my community and I don’t care about your politics.” Councilman! That ain’t politics, it’s actually sage legal advice. And if by “serve my community” you mean:

  • Grandstanding at every possible turn
  • Unnecessarily stoking racial tensions
  • Setting your city up for a massive lawsuit
  • Pandering exclusively to Elgin’s 9 percent black community
  • And looking well past the council for your next political gig

Then we agree!

The only solace is Dixon is well on his way to becoming a one-term councilman.

But on a night when hypocrisy was in full bloom, councilwoman Tish Powell remained the reigning queen of the blatant double standard. When she was publicly confronted with her attempt to bring the NAACP and Cities United in to make matters much worse, she said the NAACP contacted her and Cities United helps communities deal with police-involved shootings.

“My role as an elected official does not mean blind allegiance,” Powell said, “It means critical accountability.”

First, Powell hasn’t had a critical thought in her entire political career. And second, shouldn’t that “accountability” come with the advice and consent of the entire city council and not just one member unilaterally attempting to capitalize on a truly sad situation?

Ms. Powell! If you want to freelance like that, perhaps the city council isn’t for you.  Might I suggest a community activist role instead.

A number of sources also told me that Powell, Dixon and disgraced former U-46 school member and general race baiter, Traci Ellis, also reached out to the Reverend Jesse Jackson in the hope he’d enter the fray.

That always makes things better, right?

But thankfully, when they considered the evidence, the series of events leading up to Clements’ death, and her troubled history, neither Jackson nor the other groups will touch it with a ten-foot pole.

As a pleasant aside, for the first time since the anti-Jensen folks started showing up, Councilman Terry Gavin didn’t mix it up with them. Perhaps he’s finally given up drinking before city council meetings. Hope doth spring eternal!

But then a funny thing happened on the way to that Wednesday night forum. Dressed in t-shirts of their own, the number of Jensen supporters easily equaled those of his detractors. That included a slew of EPD officers who simply sat there silently.

Tiring of that lynch mob’s bombast, for the first time, citizens spoke out on behalf of Lt. Jensen and due process. So, not only are Powell’s, Dixon’s and Ellis’s massive effort to turn Elgin into another Ferguson, Missouri failing, but they’re finally backfiring.

So, I want to, once again, compliment my beloved Elginians not only for their capacity to see though this smoke screen, but for having the courage to speak out against it.

Might I also remind you that Councilman Powell is up for reelection on April 2nd. That’s when you can let her know exactly what you think of her self-aggrandizing antics.

11 thoughts on “Quick Hits – The return of the rabble!

  1. Just how long is it going to take to investigate this? I understand the need to be careful and thorough, but it’s coming up on a year now.

    Kim Foxx got where she is because Anita Alvarez dragged her feet on the Laquan McDonald shooting. I hope she’s not doing the same thing.

  2. Lol I won’t say much, but Jesus Christ this article is full of absolutely blatant lies and it’s sad because if I wasn’t there like some of your readers or potential readers I might would believe this made up story you wrote …….. what is wrong with you man, if you going to report a story at least try to be truthful.
    There were about 10 Jensen supporters, if that and on top of that one was Bill o’neil And the other was a union representative whom spoke.
    I give the benefit of 10 because some folks left and please don’t believe for one minute that every police 👮🏻 Officer that was there supports Jensen because it’s the furthest
    from the truth, they just know they can’t publicly speak about it.
    There were over 170 people there for Jensen to not return and too be convicted of murder and the rest were legit dogs.supporters whom had about 30 supporters.
    I’m so disappointed I honestly thought at least you were a straight shooter, but what I’m seeing the ole good boys trick……. riled up the posse smdh

    • Corey,

      First let’s stipulate that you and I will NEVER agree on anything – including but not nearly limited to the color of the sky. Our incredibly disparate world views go way beyond race, too.

      And that’s not a positive or a negative, it simply is. But it’s important that anyone reading our conversation understand that point.

      How you can determine that 170 of the attendees where anti-Jensen is beyond me. They certainly weren’t wearing the shirts. And if that really was the case, that’s a massive uptick from the 20 or so individuals who have spoken out at the two previous city council meetings.

      The bottom line? I’m not buying it.

      Meanwhile, the officers who were there were there to silently support Chris Jensen, and I included them in my calculations. As you know, I have sources everywhere and I know more about the shooting specifics than most folks do. In that vein, I have not heard one word of dissent from or on behalf of any Elgin police officer.

      So, until the evidence changes, I’m not buying your contention that the EPD isn’t 100 percent behind him.

      We do agree, however, on the folks who were there to support Legit Dogs and Ice request to host concerts.

      But let’s say I’m wrong and you’re right about the supporter numbers. It doesn’t change the major points of the column one bit. And the first point is that the citizens – and especially the clergy – who are calling for Jensen’s head ahead of those investigation results are beyond hypocritical.

      As I keep on sayin’, depriving Jensen of due process and his civil rights because some folks say he did the same to Ms. Clements is beyond the pale.

      Second, it doesn’t change the point that Powell and Dixon are using this tragedy for their own political benefit, which is reprehensible. For sitting city councilmen to behave this outrageously is also beyond the pale.

      And though I generally don’t resort to comparative arguments because the truth is the truth regardless, my potential flight of fancy pales in comparison to the folks who are trying to turn DeCynthia Clements into some sort of saint.

      We all know who she really was.

      To be clear, that troubled past does not mean she gave up her rights in any way, and if the investigators determine her rights were violated, then there will be consequences.

      I stand by what I wrote.


      • This is about race for you. Those who feel Jensen should not return to the force believe so because he doesn’t have the capacity to serve and protect. You’re the only one making this about race. You’re stoking the red Meat audience.
        It’s funny when African American people speak up about injustice, people like you want to make this about race. Never mind the fact that we offer our voice to every conversation that effects our daily lives. Yet it shows that this is the only time people like you pay attention.
        Get a clue, read a book already and stop your Fear mongering.

      • Gwendolyn,

        It’s Ms. Powell, Mr. Dixon and Ms. Ellis who are making this all about race. I’m simply telling the truth.

        And I would encourage you to read the full body of my work before you cast the next stone. This one for example (second story):


  3. There were two, maybe 3 people who spoke in support of Officer Jensen. One of those was the union president. If you’re going to write something, try to get your facts correct.

  4. Let’s nibble on this: What if two other council members said at a public council meeting that they don’t care what plays out from the state’s attorney’s office, they’re not going to fire Lt. Jensen and that he was justified in what he did?

    • He was justified alright but the longer they drag this out the better it is for Ms. Piggie to be re-elected. Dixon is done too it’s just going to take a while. Anyone who has ever seen one of these s**t shows play out at a council show knows not to come to them. It doesn’t mean squat to show up and yell at them. It just means you don’t have a life and let me tell you how I pity this council for having to listen to these lopsided former gang bangers and drug dealers who always have an ax to grind with the cops. Their entertaining to say the least especially the guy with the $12.95 Goodwill suit on who looked like he could hardly remember his own name (demetrius Smith?) much less recite what he was told to recite. Also to Corey, if you think these people are representative of the population in Elgin, I never want to live there. And does Dixon think he’s the new Obama? They were all sworn in to have the citys best interest at heart and Dixon and Powell are just sitting up there with their black-supremacist hoods on. If you white, damn you we say!

      Hope Fox ends the suffering for you all soon. Then when the city gets sued for a billion dollars Piggie and piglet can move back to there old jobs of collecting unemployment with blue-suit guy.

  5. So the officer’s actions were called racist, even though it had nothing to do with racism.

    And those that claim racism in the officer’s actions, are using racism as an argument for their racist thoughts on what happened…

    This feels like a bad Monty Python skit.

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