Quick Hits – The liberal Taliban strikes again!

I’ll say it again – I’m a man without a country. While I’m certainly no social conservative, every time my liberal brethren and sisteren speak, like a football fan embarrassed by his team’s dismal performance, I want to put a paper bag over my head so I can’t be identified as a fan.

This time, the progressive perpetual outrage machine targeted Sarah Michelle Gellar of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ fame. Apparently prone to Thanksgiving overindulgence, Ms. Gellar tweeted she’d post the ensuing 2007 photo of her semi-scantily clad self at various locations around her house to fend off that overeating urge.


And then the liberal Taliban immediately attacked her, accusing the actress of downright fat-shaming her overweight compatriots. One leftist loon responded thusly:

“Projecting the idea that we should restrict ourselves from eating food to be skinny is a dangerous and damaging mindset which clearly plagues the minds of many, including celebrities as it’s pretty apparent here.”

Oh, holy bleep, it’s called a flippin’ sense of humor. Hasn’t Donald Trump taught us that not every Tweet is a harbinger of impending social collapse? She wasn’t talking about “restricting food,” she was talking about not overeating.

First, if I was Ms. Gellar, I’d walk around naked everywhere, and I mean everywhere! The house, grocery store, post office, McDonald’s, Walmart, the symphony, and the DMV because something that magnificent should never be covered up. Before you hit the send button ladies, I’ve seen you swoon at a shirtless Chris Hemsworth faster than Donald Trump wilts at the sight of Vladimir Putin.

So, don’t give me any of that misogynistic crap – you’re just as bad!

Second, it was a joke intended to encourage herself and others to consider their health before going at the turkey like a starving leopard on a wounded wildebeest. And it was funny, too! The fact that she had some fun with the fact she’s not 30 any more makes her that much more adorable.

But no! The liberal Taliban, always ready for a new and interesting way of taking offense, just had to chime in and accuse Ms. Gellar of being the only reason young women have eating disorders. As is par for the course, Gellar issued the following mea culpa:

“I love Thanksgiving and unfortunately my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I tend to eat so much I make myself sick. This was a joking reminder to myself not to do that. I’m terribly sorry that people were offended by my attempt at humor.”

And we spiral down into the least common denominator one more time.

When 60 percent of American women are obese or overweight, and obesity is a leading cause of death, a humorous and self-deprecating reminder that moderation and reasonable exercise aren’t a bad thing can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Unless you’re a member of the liberal Taliban that is. Then you insist upon putting a figurative burka on Ms. Gellar because folks who don’t understand when to put the fork down might be offended.

This isn’t about fat shaming, it’s about being healthy and not dying before your time. Of course everyone should accept themselves for who they are because that’s the only place change starts, but an amusing reminder that we can all be a little bit better certainly isn’t cause for a verbal stoning.

To be offended by that tweet and photograph takes that special kind of Taliban entitlement mentality which demands that no one dare hurt my delicate feelings, even if it clearly wasn’t their intent. It demands the kind of bland sameness to which burkas always reduce their wearers.

I used to tell my conservative friends that the left wasn’t nearly as bad as the Tea Party, but I was wrong. And we somehow still manage to believe we’re so much better than the countries that marginalize women in that way. Trust me, we’re not, and this is all the evidence you need.

God, liberals suck!

9 thoughts on “Quick Hits – The liberal Taliban strikes again!

  1. You do realize saying having eyes bigger than stomach is offensive. Offensive to those with vision problems and those that might be physically challenged. I would say she should be bigger than that but that might offend short people and or tall people
    Going around nude is ok if you are protesting leather or other animal products though.

  2. Not sure what i’m mIssing but I don’t understand how you tie people who make stupid, over-board statements like these, liberals. I consider myself a liberal but these comments I believe are just ignorant.

  3. No the world is dividing into two camps with no party deviation. You are with us or against us. People used to laugh check out lArchie Bunker how far would that go today.

  4. You aren’t alone. I’m tired of people being offended by every little thing. It is Taliban-esque thinking. Do not deviate, one pay the price. People have lost sight of the big picture.

    Things that truly need need our outrage and ire are getting lost in this morass of stupid cherry picking. It’s all a bunch of people on both sides who can’t see the forest through the trees. And a lot of it gets propagated and magnified out of proportion by the plethora of internet outlets.

    Keep preaching. We are the new silent majority that is getting fed up.

  5. Ya can’t win with people like these when it comes to Thanksgiving.

    If you eat a lot, you’re a shameful and likely carnivorous glutton in a world with millions of starving people and billions of suffering animals that live short, miserable lives before going to slaughter.

    If you don’t eat enough because you don’t want to gain weight, you’re fat-shaming those who do eat a lot.

    But if you eat any Thanksgiving dinner, you’re celebrating the destruction of Native American cultures.

    And if you don’t acknowledge Thanksgiving at all, opting for a shake at McDonald’s instead, it’s on your conscience that a sea turtle gets the discarded plastic straw stuck up its nose and dies.

  6. OK, maybe the reaction to Gellar’s tweet was a little over the top, but “liberal Taliban”? Methinks you’re overreacting yourself a bit there, Jeff.

    Yes, obesity is a problem, but so are eating disorders like anorexia. The latter may not be as pervasive as the former, but they’re more destructive. And they’re fed, so to speak, by a bombardment of images (often Photoshopped) of models and actresses with impossibly perfect proportions, setting an unattainable standard for young girls. That’s what Gellar’s critics were reacting to, and I can understand where they’re coming from. So does Gellar, from the sound of it. Maybe you should too.

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